COMODO Registry Cleaner - screenshots

Cant wait till CRC is out for the public to try ;D I have used CCleaner for about 2-4 years along with ATF Cleaner but will probably ditch both of em once CRC is out.

I used CCleaner for 2-4 years also, And this really put’s Cleaners built in Reg Cleaner to shame. What’s unique about this that it’s a careful reg cleaner, others throw out good with bad, while this one does not. It’s a very safe one to use, and finds stuff more then Reg Seeker, Reg Mechanic in testing. I always told everyone the Best Reg Cleaners are you and me, But Comodo Reg Cleaner is impressing me! (I myself having BAD experiences with Reg cleaners in past), I hope Rednose, etc can test it too. :slight_smile:


Ho, I don’t beleve I said I won’t test it :slight_smile: But I don’t know if I will test this first Beta because I have other software that I want to test as well :wink:

Greetz, Red.

I honestly think Comodo has developed the first idiot proof registry cleaner. It simply puts the competition to shame

There are still legit reg keys it found on my PC, similar to other cleaners I’ve/'m used/using

Sounds like more testing by Josh to me, agreed Soya? ;D

Xman (:KWL)

Indeed. Once CRC (not to be confused with Cyclic Redundancy Check :P) is released with a portable version, I’ll seriously consider replacing it with RegSeeker (which hasn’t been updated in a long time) (J).

I won’t replace it with RegSeeker, but I’ll replace RegSeeker with it. (:TNG)

It’ll also make NTREGOPT unnecessary.


Thanks for the correction on my reversal typos (:SHY)

Are surrrrrrrrrre CRC’s compact feature operates similarly? I’ve read on the web last night that apps that do this should require a reboot (like NTRegOpt). If they don’t they aren’t reliable or something ???

i also use NTREGOPT and ERUNT and i’ll probably ditch those two for CRC’s backup and compression.



I wouldn’t ditch ERUNT - that’s a different app in that in backs up the entire registry, even parts of it that are currently in use. CRC doesn’t contain this capability AFAIK.

From what I remember, CRC requires reboot? I’ve never used a registry compacter that doesn’t require reboot.

+1, ERUNT is unique.


I though the “backup” backups the whole registry? Or is is like CCleaner backing up only the deleted keys?

Yeah, like CCleaner. Perhaps we have something for the wishlist here. :wink:


This looks like it’s going to be very impressive indeed.If the end result is anything like it’s been touted this will be a great tool for the pc and the usb stick. (V)

New internal version out. Getting closer to Beta. This adds the Schedule status to the main GUI, 64bit support and other improvements and fixes.


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New Version out, RC for the beta ;D. It’s really really close


Personaly I don’t recommend the use of registry cleaners :

  • A registry cleaner has almost no influence on the performance of a pc.
  • A registry cleaner can damage the Windows register. And a damaged register is a damaged Windows.
  • So when you use a registry cleaner you should know something about the Windows register : Which registry keys can be removed, and which can not. Most people don’t know that.

So be very carefull with registry cleaners Undecided

I Agree with you REDNOSE (:CLP) Specially to those CLONED Pc Users, Registry Cleaners can easily damage Windows as per my Experienced for almost 7-Years in Repairs of PC specially IF you are not running with a Licensed OS (:WIN)

Hi Xan, possibly a release within the next couple of weeks you think?

Xman (:KWL) :-TU

I’m using jv16Powertools.It has a nice registry finder function.You can search by date,case sensitive etc.Whenewer i’m uninstalling something ,especially security software,i type the product name,and it finds traces.It always(for the products that install drivers),finds traces that my uninstall tool(total uninstall),can’t remove,and all security softwares that i’ve tried leave traces even if i used the removal tools from their site.
The paths are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\controlset001\control\class,and i have to change permissions from system to the current users in order to remove them.It doesn’t bother me cos at least it finds them.
Will CRC have a finder function??