Comodo Programs Manager Beta 1 Released!!!


We are happy to announce that Comodo Programs Manager 2.0.0 build 3 Beta 1 Release is available for download.

What’s new:

  • Added Scan uninstall method;
  • Small GUI changes;

What’s fixed:

  • issue with the update process when UAC is enabled;
  • some GUI issues;

Known Issues:

  • Changing the install destination may cause the setup to crash.
  • “Restore Backup” and “Restore from SFX” may not restore full functionality for some applications.
  • Some issue regarding Available Windows Updates detection.
  • Some GUI issues are still present.

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and not be suitable for your everyday use yet. Please do not use it in your production machines.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 11.0 MB (11,574,696 bytes)
MD5: 8608a8cfe096f81300f02e05dfe2ee71
SHA1: b5acc2446b868efd4831adc706a2ed3f6ba388c2

Great stuff, Alexandru.

Scan will address many user requests, though personally I just make sure every app gets recorded, much more reliable.



What is “Scan uninstall method”???

There is nothing in the post or Help about it, and the Search feature here seems broke–at least it doesn’t work for me.

Please someone explain the new Uninstall button options: Database, Scanned, Standard, Repair, Change

I think…

If you have an unmonitored app, you can uninstall by:

  • using the windows uninstaller via CPM, THEN
  • scanning filesystem and registry for entries that appear to be related

The scan probably looks in frequently used locations from which it is usually safe to delete. The scan is probably basically an intelligent string search for vendor, app name, and for entries pointed to by such entries. Maybe hints from the windows installer are used as well.

I appreciate your reply mouse1! You’re probably right about it, however…

I do not understand, if Comodo wants beta testers, why they’ve not explained exactly what this is, when/why you’d use it, and what the implications of it might be. I for one won’t touch it for now.

alex can you tell us basically how the scan uninstall works? heurisitics?

A third uninstall method based on a scan (Revo like) and clean system was introduced in this release.
It’s an heuristic method which consists of scanning the system for certain predefined information ( application name, install location, application version etc. ) and all the disk and registry entries found, related to the specific application, will be marked for deletion. The Scan will be applied before running the application’s own uninstaller. Exactly as the standard method, the scan uninstall is available for every application installed, unlike the other two methods ( monitored app. uninstall and database app. uninstall ) which applies only for monitored and database monitored applications. The new method will act as a more light uninstall method compared with the other two.

Thanks for this, I will give it a try.

thanks for the reply alex. this was a much needed feature now cpm is a great competitor with revo. i will setup a vm a test the scan uninstall this weekend

i wasnt able to test the scan uninstall. i installed a few apps and the apps were DB monitored so i couldnt use the scan uninstall. there is a drop down menu to pick which way to uninstall but it wouldnt allow me to use the scan uninstall.

i would like to see some GUI changes. an uninstall wizard would make cpm easier to use and more logical. similar to revo. let the user pick what to uninstall from a list of install apps then open a new window and have the user pick the uninstall method. cpm will tell the user to go through the apps standard uninstaller once finshed it should show a list of left over files. this seems like a great time for some gui changes with this major release to 2.0

keep up the great work comodo


The Scan uninstall method is compatible with any application status (Monitored, DB Monitored or Not Monitored).

The new uninstall flow is as follows:

  1. Select an application in the list
  2. Select the uninstall method you wish to use from the drop down menu next to the “Uninstall” button
    • This will not start the uninstall for the selected application, instead it sets the default uninstall method for all installed applications.
    • A yellow message bar is displayed, informing the user that the default uninstall method has been changed.
    • If the default uninstall method is not available for one of the other applications then the best alternative will be selected.
  3. To start the uninstall process for the selected application you have to click the “Uninstall” button again

Thank you for your feedback.

this is what i have done to test scanned feature in beta in VmWARe

i installed k lite codec 7.8 and uninstall using scanned to check scanned feature CPM 2 beta but it didnt show all registry entry just 1 entry was found and when i tried to clean registry with CFM 4 beta …it show many registry missed by CPM…

then i again installed k lite codec 7.8 in fresh windows …uninstalled with monitored feature…it removed all the entries…

so i think scanned feature is not powerful enough… please improved this feature…

alex is there something wrong with the DB uninstall. it wasnt working for version 1.3 or 2 it just stops the uninstall and says uninstall process ended with errors

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Yep, it’s happening with 1.3 on mine too. DB Uninstalls end with errors. Monitored installs uninstall without that issue.

Regarding the DB uninstall problem, there was a server issue which was fixed.Please try now.
Thank you.

When i click(right mouse button) on NOT monitored app and select from menu “Uninstall using CPM…” it dosen’t remove traces by scanning (new feature).

Please add.

is your defaault method set to scan?

For no doubts I mean this :slight_smile:
When app is monitored - all right, CPM is deleting monitored data (this little progress window on the right, on the bottom of your screen).
When app is not monitored - CPM is not scanned for traces, you have to uninstall it via main CPM program.

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when are we going to see the next beta?

it has been long time…we haven’t heard from developers of CPM… Is there any release coming up??