comodo privalert??

i just see that i have a new extension “Comodo Privalert” it’s like ghostery
But i don’t install it??
It was just there when i start Comodo Dragon without any asking for??

What’s this?, is is normal???

TX greetings

Yes…its a very powerful application that will help you with your privacy!
its bit like ghostery but more powerful :wink:

go ahead and use it pls and tell us how we can improve.



thank you!!

it like working great but i miss the “pause option” button!!

Can be usefull sometimes.

How to properly use it? I see, for example, 5 threats. How to block them?

hello to block it click on the"star" near Private alert

clikk on it and you see a parameter star near The name on your right above
clik on it ,and select all
and reload your tab


OK! But if I want to block only one threat, but not all? In Ghostery it can be done right in a popup window, without going into the settings. In Privalert I didn’t find this feature :-\

I like Comodo Privalert.

It is very similar to ghostery. But at the moment I can’t say which is best. I am still running the both.

They seem to catch things at the same time. :slight_smile:

Look this for info from Privalert:
Privalert is ON
Total threats: 1269
Blocked: 1270

So it looks good, but on this it looks difference. check out the pics between the two of them and compare:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Saw this update and figured it was civic duty to pitch in :slight_smile:

Privalert seems like a great service so far. In comparison to the usual combination of AdBlock Plus and ScriptNo, this extension causes far less lag and is much, much easier to manage than its counterparts for the average joe. I almost wish this service was published as a standalone Chrome extension - if only to speed up the new Chromium builds even further.

One issue I have with Privalert is the lack of a checkbox to collapse blocked content. For example, when I visit to engage in a video content binge, a large box stating that an animated banner was blocked by this extension pops up under the search bar. This is less of a security concern than an aesthetic one, but a concern that I would like to see addressed at one point or another.

In terms of security, all seems fairly good so far. I would appreciate seeing more notices about web bugs and more detailed information on Google scripts (besides AdSense, +1 and the like, since ScriptNo reports others).

So, great concept, and a really smooth execution. Hope to see this develop even further in the future!

Hi and welcome Landpaddle,
That could very well be possible in the near future. :wink:

Have been a regular user of the Comodo browser and gave this extension a chance - wow. If the user goes into Options and activates ALL the blocks, it speeds up the Internet experience a LOT on an older computer. Plus I just read a Wall Street Journal article about how third parties build profiles of us - so far, this extension rocks. We’ll see down the road . . . .

207Threats blocked since browser started… It works fine;-)

Yeah it sure works fine. But for you Regression you got 207 Threats blocked (Was that your overall count) ?

For me it’s sitting at 1270 Blocked. so was you one a misprint or correct ?



I know what you mean now Regression

If you leave your browser open and go to different sites it clocks up on how many sites have been blocked since browser started. Silly me !ot!

Hello, I´ve used donottrack for a while, now it´s changed to donotrackme. I am also using privalert, they seem to do pretty much the same thing though donotrack tells me is tracking me| I really like comodo, can I remove donotrack?Thanks, Peter

When you go to norton site a norton window appears there. When Privalert is enabled with all the options selected the norton window appears with nothing displaying & you cannot cancel this window so checking norton site is not possible.

With Privalert disabled everything works fine.

Hi Naren,
I just tried this and found one of their sites was faulty, disabling the Tracker list allowed it to open correctly.

the new PRV tool seems to be powerful ! if you want to test it in a major site that have lots of adv and such rubbish* go to

and enter any broadcaster blog .

one thing i know about comodo for years , any filed they get involved the became no 1 this way or another.
looking forward for more privalert features :slight_smile:


wow…my PA shows 45 threats…what this means is you go to one site…but this site creates 45 additional connections to your computer…that you did not asked for or bargained for :frowning:

The site you posted demoneye it is sure a good test page for PRV.

also about that site: It does look utter crazy. But it is OK to test PRV.

I also agree on what Melih says quote: wow…my PA shows 45 threats…what this means is you go to one site…but this site creates 45 additional connections to your computer…that you did not asked for or bargained for

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