COMODO Online Storage 2.x whishlist

my whish list comes down to two simple words:

Linux Client

It’s useless for me if i can’t sync my Windows and Linux :frowning:

we are taking all the wishes seriously. pls keep them coming.

thank you


needed share option from pc not from web browser

mac/linux client

keep up the great work comodo

one really useful feature in dropbox i would like to see from cos is to create a shared folder. when creating a folder i would like to share it and a dialog appears asking for the emails of the people i want to share with (assuming they already have a cos account). so when they accept the invitation that folder appears in their drive.

i dont think cos already has this. correct if im wrong

i like all the suggestions guys…keep it coming!

allow folder uploading from
im trying to upload the folder with all my school work and it has folders within folders so it would be a pain to have to go through a make all the folders manually on i want to just upload the whole folder

now that im using it more im thinking of lots of important features. a recycle bin/trash can would be very useful. just like in windows. when something gets deleted it will be put in the trash can so if the user wants to later recover that file or it was accidently deleted it can easily be recovered and maybe in the settings give options to empty the trash can when the user logs off or after x amount of days

I agree whit wasgij6 and casachit

After saying this, here’s another great example of what i would like:

please take some time and get to know another great project: [b]SpiderOak /b!

Compared whit DropBox it’s not that known, but i do consider SpiderOak FAR superior!!! It’s feature complete for me, if we’re talking about the client side. It’s really perfect! However dropbox lets me do something that SpiderOak doesn’t: it let’s me access data from any device, upload, delete, create, override just using their webplatform.

Beside the Linux Client (i suppose mac users want one too), this is what i would like: A client capable of sync any data from any folder in any OS. I really do believe this is Step One. I thing the webplatform is OK (adding the wasgij6 ideas would be great!!!). So the focus should be the client side working on any platform fast!

But please, really get to know SpiderOak. You can get amazing ideas from their client!

Dropbox and others have developed it. should have a little addition. When creating new folder, then the name field isn’t marked. I wish it’s marked by default so user can write folder name right after clicking “New Folder” from the left menu^^

I’m not sure what you mean.
Isn’t it visible ? See the attached screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It is, but in the box is “New Folder”. You need to extra click on it to edit the name. What if the field is already blue (as you select the text in it) and you can instantly type a name for the folder you created (without need for another click to edit the name).

As said before better upload/download speeds…

Also I had drop in my connection when uploading a folder of tech tools… this then started from scratch again, anyway of resolving broken connections. EDIT: Found out that ‘Try Again’ & ‘Skip’ are very confusing… When connection dropped one would assume that try again resumes, and ‘skip’ is to start frfom sratch.

So change the buttons to resume & start again or something… :wink:

Thanks! ;D

I don’t have COS currently installed but IIRC, there is no way to disable synching and there is no way to change it’s location (\Documents{COS username}).

I don’t like how “My Documents” has become a dumping ground for everything, subverting its purpose.

Personally, I would create a new partition with the same capacity as COS and put it there.

Additionally, my documents folder is part of Windows Live Mesh and nesting COS within that mesh is a recipe for disaster.

Will there be a client for android os ?

Yes, there will be.

idk if this would be to much for comodo but i would really like to see comodo cloud extend its functionality and make it more universal meaning work with more cloud storage accounts. Meaning work with dropbox and google docs in the same way it works with i think its useless to have 3 separate programs running on my computer that do the same thing but with different cloud servers. During install comodo cloud can ask the user to input credentials for dropbox or google docs and mount each account as a separate drive. There could be an option to change the default for the drop zone uploads. By default the drop zone will upload to ccloud but could be changed to upload to any of the cloud servers and if the option is uncheck it will ask the user where to upload when something is dragged in the drop zone. This will make things a lot easier for the user to manage their documents across different accounts and have an easy way to upload documents with the drop zone.

what do you guys think?

I would really like to hear any feedback from Melih of Emanuel

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It would be nice to have access to some folders or accounts, through FTP too (besides CCloud software).

Please linux. I’m Changing all our business and personal computers over to redhat( we have had enough of windows). I will miss all the comodo products that I use now. …Great job on the av and trustconnect for linux.