COMODO Online Storage 2.x whishlist

Feel free to provide feedback about the new COMODO Online BackUp 2.0 here.


There can be a feature, very useful for enterprise. Details below

Example: I have my files (ex. website backups) available somewhere via direct http or ftp links(protected with simple http-authorization or ftp login+password).
It will be great if i can give this link(s) to web control panel (Comodo - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software) and comodo system downloads files and stores them. So i will have not need to download them to my pc and upload again.

This will be an unique feature(now there is no cloud storage with this easy to implement and useful feature) .

Of course, maybe an API for this for backup automation using this feature(example: download starts on GET request like

Thanks for understanding and have a nice day!

My wish:
Giving the desktop software the ability to access Comodo Online Storage when it is behind a proxy that requires authentication.

Please, pretty please.

Thank you for your suggestion. This will be taken into account for the next version.

I said it previously, but I think I should do it in this thread too.

Add ability to share folders. Like image folders, where you have pictures.
Also, a ability to protect these folders with passwords. With that all, you can easily share your pictures with friends :slight_smile:

I would really like to have the ability to obtain a link to share file to other people via Comodo Online Storage client on my PC (no need to login to website).

Thank you for your suggestion.
This, along with even more sharing options for the COS client user interface, will be coming in a future version.



excellent suggestions guys…
folder sharing should be available very soon…

pls keep the requests coming…more request pls…much much more…
thank you


Folder sharing is done :wink:
Now I would like to have a feature for picture browsing :wink: So instead of downloading them, your friend can look them inside the browser. Would be awesome;)

but we already have it!!! :slight_smile:

try it…

Wouldnt be great to have the availability to push/transfer and/or copy the files we select to others COS users?

Lets say I have two accounts, and using 200GB.
And I have a second account (or a relative account) and want to move/copy 100GB of my first original account. I will have to upload them again, when they are already on the clouds.

PUSH/TRANSFER and/or COPY within COS accounts would be great!!!

its a small wish but can be helpful. Allow the user to pick what drive letter is assigned to the COS drive. When i installed it automatically was assigned A:

I tried but I can’t see them inside browser. When I share a folder with image files in it and click on the file name, it downloads it. How to see them without downloading?

oh…the friends viewing it without them downloading it?

Yes :slight_smile:

  • Faster upload/download speed (if possible),
    -integration into shell explorer.

I think an invaluable feature would be to implement a “Replace” button in the online storage account. What I mean is, if I upload a file and share it, I send the link to my friends. BUT, if I wanted to change or update the file that was uploaded I would have to resend a new link to all my friends again. I would like to be able to just replace the file while keeping the same shared link.
As far a I could tell this is not an option so forgive me if I somehow overlooked it.

As always, thank you Comodo for EVERYTHING you do!! ALL your products are top notch!! :love:

an option to start with windows instead of me having to do msconfig through windows.i dont want to auto start cos on my laptop.

okay i have a wishlist for COS …
whenever i shared the link … link address is something like this…

please make link little bit cleaner for example: encrypted user id or number that recognizes sharer account)/xxx.docx

if i would like to share media file then let link be like this encrypted user id or number that recognizes sharer account)/xxx.avi

that makes link little bit clear

we have to login through web browser and select file and click share and get link

why dont u make it simpler like: i enter COS drive in my pc and right click the file i want to share and click share option (if made available) and have a link address (dropbox easily does that)