Comodo Online Security v1.4.0.63 Released (for Chromium Based Browsers)

Hi All,
Today we have released updated v1.4.0.63 of Comodo Online Security for Chromium based browsers:


  • It has minor internal bug fixes for improved performance

At the moment we have updated browser for 1% of users, so if you already have extension installed, it may not update. You may uninstall and re-install from Google web store.

We hope to have extension for Edge browser in next weeks.


Hi Ji,

The Chrome Extension shouldn’t interfere with other similar chrome security extensions though you might get the same alert about a page from multiple extensions.


Works well at my end. Only current issue I’ve had is that COS extension installed by default when you install Comodo Dragon and the only way to upgrade COS is to manually remove the extension and then re-add it to get


Further on from this, there is a delay of 10 seconds waiting on COS in incognito window, not had the same issue with the previous version.

EDIT: Less of an issue with Chrome Current version. Reverted back to in Comodo Dragon and I don’t get the waiting for COS toast message at the bottom which I get with 1.4. It’s there in Chrome but less of a delay.

Sorry, further testing that stopping dragon process and installing new version of extension fixes the delay issue I was having. Running ok now with 1.4 with barely any delay. I just wish it would update itself to 1.4 automatically.

Release a new version by integrating an adblocker that blocks tracker sites effectively. So we plan to install third-party apps (for example uBlock Origin, AdGuard, etc …) :wink:

Improve phishing protection.
From this site many links are not recognized as phishing:

Thank you!

No idea but is it advisable to open this link at all? :THNK ???

Improve phishing protection. Thank you! :wink:


The extension in the browser loads for a very long time. Because of this, the launch of the pages is delayed.

Just like megaherz stated before me , comodo online security extension takes a long long time to scan and load each and every webpage that you try to visit. bug?

Same issue. Some pages opening slowly. Current version dragon x64 69.0.3497.81

CCAV Chrome extension was removed from the online store Chrome, why?

Hi megaherz33,

The extension was EOL not having been updated since 2016. COS plug-in or COS plug-in plus CCAV are the alternatives.



COS I have installed. Accustomed to CCAV for Chrome)

New version released

I’m sorry to say that it does not detect anything (not even AMTSO)

New version released

Any changelog??

COS was tested by