Comodo Online Security v1.2.45944.37 Released (for Mozilla Based Browsers)

Hi All,
We are happy to announce availability of Comodo Online Security browser extension for Mozilla Based browsers.
We previously released version for Chromium based browsers.

You can install from following Mozilla page:

and product page is also updated to reflect the same:

as mentioned previously, following are few points:
What does it do?
This browser extension protects you against malicious and phishing URLs. When it encounter one such URL, it will show warning page as shown in enclosed snap, allowing user to: Continue browsing or Go back
It also allows user to report false-positive and you can also report suspicious sites.

I have Comodo Internet Security - Web-filtering, do i still need it?
In general no. It uses the same cloud based database. But there have been cases where for certain blocked cases CIS has not been able to show proper block page allowing you to continue browsing. Down the road we will be shipping this with Comodo Internet Security/Internet Security Essentials / Comodo Secure Shopping also.

What’s next in it?
We are working on some cool innovation, where we will be able to detect phishing pages on the fly. Phishing is something that is increasing and need default-deny approach, like we have for unknown files. We have our own web site, where you can see latest phishing cases

What about extensions for other browsers?
In works, we hope to release ones for IE and Edge this month.

Why extension, why not application?
Browser applications model is now getting more rigid and allowing to provide additional security via extensions only rather external applications.

If you have any feature request, you may pin under wish-list section.

If you like it, please don’t forget to leave your rating and feedback on Mozilla Add-ons page.

Please give it a try and share your feedback.


Mod edit: updated link to extension to reflect changed extension name. - FT

That’s great.

Down the road we will be shipping this with Comodo Internet Security/Internet Security Essentials / Comodo Secure Shopping also.

What about Comodo Cloud Antivirus?

Yes, in fact that will be the 1st product to include. You can expect by Jun-2018.

Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

Excellent - many thanks!

Have you considered integrating comodo online security and comodo unblock?

Sorry, but what is Comodo Unblock?

huehue ( :P)

It would be more or less like this…
If domain is safe in comodo dns, Comodo UBLOCK ;D Allow scripts, image… in domain safe, but domain externals block…
Exemple: is safe… and all domains comodo allow - if domain external comodo ublock blocked

This add-on does not show up in Firefox add-ons download . Even the link is a dead end.

Please advice

Mozilla made a review and found some minor issues and disabled access. e.g.

1) JQuery 1.* is no longer accepted. Please use JQuery 3.*
We are in the process of updating based on review.

Hope to have it back live soon.


Hi ghostza,
We have submitted updated version 42 and it is back live now:

It seems they do dev review later on but accept during automatic submission if add on passes their automated tests.
We have addressed all raised issues so lets see.


I ran the FF add on updater and COS got updated to V1.2.48162.42. I didn’t have COS yet installed on CID so I installed it and V1.2.48162.42 got installed. :-TU

Minor edits in latest v43 release today:


I saw a strange thing when I got an alert.
Please see screenshot.

Thanks, will change title of the page.

I have installed it, works ok and without any slowdown. I give you a comment. :slight_smile:

Thank you :-TU

Cool! :-TU
Wanna create custom blacklist of URLs in settings… :THNK

We will consider.
Just wondering reason you need a custom list.
In case you need to import urls from EasyList, i guess any Ad Blocker will do the job.

May you please share as why do you need it?

Thank you!
Then this addon will replace all these adblockers…
No need to import any thirdparty lists.