Comodo One Home Edition 1.0 Beta Release

Comodo One Home Edition Beta is released on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. This announcement contains practical information about the release and follow-up features that will be made available.

Please use this link to access

Comodo One Home Edition is a consumer based product which controls all mobile and desktop devices on a single portal. The aim of this product is monitoring and controlling all devices in a single point. Easy to use, modern UI and management of devices are main concern of this product.

Product Main Features

  • Device management
  • Parental Control
  • Safe Zone
  • Track Time Across Devices

Product Notes

  • Portal available for everyone.
  • Supported platforms Android, Windows, MacOS.
  • User able to get platform application from Portal/Add Device User Story.

great work guys!

Now you can manage all your Android, Iphones (should be enabled soon), Laptops, desktops from a cloud based portal for FREE.

Very nice!

Trying it out now.

Congratulations with the release. It’s nice to have such a powerful platform for end users. :slight_smile:

The Android application created a heavy load on the battery. It appears that it was running the GPS service nearly constantly, based on battery usage data from the phone. As soon as I uninstalled the program, GPS service stopped running constantly and the battery drain returned to normal.

Samsung Note 4, Model SM-N910T
Android version 5.1.1

This is the product iv been looking forward to. Now just need support for ccav (if not there already) and for ccav to mature some more. :-TU

not only will it have CCAV, but also ability to remote login etc. Everything you need in the cloud to manage your home IT :slight_smile:

I love the possibilities of this platform.

Now to keep the Android version from chewing up battery…

exactly! HUGE HUGE possibilities… battery consumption…don’t worry…easy fix…:slight_smile: (buy a bigger battery :)) (Just joking)…

As wasgij6 says :-

Melih, one question, will there be CIS integration for windows devices or will it just be CCAV ?

I can tell that it already has some integration with CIS as it is showing the Security Status of my work desktop (CIS installed) to be Stateful.

so what is the first impression?

how else can we improve it?

I would like to see more data on the security status on a device. For example, last scan details, sandboxed programs, network details, etc.

Perhaps also eventually add the option to access/administer cloud backup from the One portal.

Which products can it currently manage.

actual IOS/Android/Windows devices…it does device management…plus will do cis etc as well.

I cannot get the Android app to function properly. No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall, even generating a new token, the app continually gets stuck on the loading splash screen or it constantly force closes. Along with this, the device will not show up as “online” in the web dashboard. Has anyone else experienced this?


For Windows devices - First impressions are good :-TU but mainly only able to monitor device ‘health’ status at the moment or remove currently installed software as there is no software in the ‘store’ that can be deployed to a connected device - apart from COMODO ONE HE, but this is already installed on the device ??? - not even CIS available at the moment :o

Looking forward to the potential of this being the ONE place to Secure, Protect and assist families home PC’s - I’m in the UK and my Mother is in France so the benefits would be huge, especially if / when remote login added :-TU :smiley:

Sorry for my English because I write through the translator.
I would like to clarify,logging in to the portal will pass only through the username and password?
Is it possible in the future to add other authentication methods,such as SMS one-time password or other ways?
After all, if someone else gets access to the portal,in fact he will have full access to everything.
Thank you!

Thanks for valuable feedback. We are appreciate for this.
Currently we have 3 different portal roles to manage device. So when you invite family member you can choose the role of user. It’s allow user to manage & monitor portal according their roles.
On the other hand we are using different solution master key for unlock devices for our mobile Anti Theft product. So we can re-design this feature for login Comodo One Home Edition.


CIS now added for deployment :-TU can’t wait for more to be added ;D

Looking forward to the potential of this being the ONE place to Secure, Protect and assist families home PC's - I'm in the UK and my Mother is in France so the benefits would be huge, especially if / when remote login added :-TU :D

System crashes reported and then logged in great detail - Screenshot added - but then currently have to use other software for remote control / assistance :cry: but this is coming along very nicely :-TU :smiley:

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