Comodo not in AVC's August On-Demand tests

Comodo has not been included in August’s edition of On-Demand tests at:

There has been a lot of talk at these forums for nearly half a year that Comodo will be tested. When will this happen? What is the formal status of talks between Comodo and av-comparatives? It’s disappointing to see the chance to be tested by a reputable and independent organisation go to waste over and over again.

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That thread is for dynamic test…this one is opened for on-demand…

Melih, what went wrong with AVC this time? :cry:
At least give us VB100 this year… :wink:

Please carefully reread the title and topic of both posts.

Melih you have told us that comodo was not tested in the dynamic because only vendors in the main tests will be tested there, and now? what do you have to say?

There is one of tests that AVC do for Dynamic testing…we are in touch with them about doing one off test…(these tests are NOT included in their regular testing…you need to be in their main on demand test to be included in these Dynamic tests)…

We are in touch with AVC for both…



But aren’t these the main tests? If you go to their website, and click on the left main tests, it takes you to on-demand comparative and retrospective/proactive.

This is the main AV-C test that they do once in 6 months. And Comodo again missed it. I can wait as much as needed. I can’t say I love it but if I know I need to wait I’ll do. But why to promise something you are not going to make! This I don’t understand. Tell us that one sunny day, we really don’t know when Comodo AV will be tested. But to say a couple of months ago that COMODO will be tested in the next AV-C test and the nearest On-demand test was August when you even had no plans to test it is… I don’t know how to call it.

I checked AV-c page waiting for Comodo results almost every day. :frowning:

I am so disappointed, i thought Comodo would be in the next main test :cry:

And G-data got 99,9% detection rate, i think thats impressive. :smiley:


what does detection prove?

Does it prove that you won’t get infected?

What happens to the malware that is not detected?

Do you know “detection” is merely used for usability in CIS and NOT for protection?

Pls study these questions…

You can’t test a Nuke with the same way you test a rifle…CIS is a Nuke!!


I believe detection is important, because for files that are not detected, the user has to make the choice whether to allow or deny.

CIS 2011 missed the August date anyhow, so it will have to be the next round (by then CIS will be even better).

But as far i remember a few months ago you said CIS would be tested in the next main test on AVC, now it’s here, and Comodo isn’t tested, why is that?

And i would like an actual response, not !ot! about detection is 23 year old technology, and prevention is better and all that.
Or else maybe we should stop focus on the firewall to, after all it’s a 20 year old technology. 88)

The capacity of develop a robust engine and shields.
The ability of the virus analyst team.
The usability of the software - taking decisions instead of letting them to the user.
Pass the test and let the users self confident on this.


Infects the system… of course.

Yes, we know…

The pressure on Comodo is growing more and more as the days go by!

It’s just a matter of time now before CIS really gets tested, so keep it on people.

I’m sure Melih will soon ■■■■■ and tell us about the new feature that he has been cooking to increase CAV detection rate drastically :slight_smile:

IMO this verges on offtopic - bringing nothing on the original topic, especially after previously saying Comodo would participate. Can we have some answers please, rather than telling us what we should “study”??

What is the formal status of talks between Comodo and AVC? Have you even submitted an application? When? If it was a while back, Why has Comodo still not been included? Your users are worried about these querstions. You don’t want to answer them?

CIS is a NUKE!!! OLLEH!!

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Here is a very relevant video…

Video 1 Comodo vs Norton 2011 Editions Test 2 Video 1 - YouTube

Video 2 Comodo vs. Norton 2011 Editions Test 2 Video 2 - YouTube

how many % detection ratio did Norton have in these On demand tests?

How did it help them in this video?

Can someone pls explain?


omg but in the self-protection test norton beats comodo…

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in the videos it didn’t.