Comodo not in AVC's August On-Demand tests

I don’t really care if I get a nice warning saying… “Hey… I’ve found a virus… and it is really a virus and nothing else”

really… what do I win with something telling me that It is too late because you’re already infected???
and cleaning the virus??? if you’re already infected, most probably the file is already un-recoverable (virus changed the file, possibly changing original data)

If you ask me I don’t really care if all the others say they can clean the virus… because to me that is like fixing a tire… no matter how good is the patch, it still is a patch

and let me tell you something… since I started using Comodo, I never again got infected… never…
no virus, no malware, no adware, no spyware… nothing

nothing Symantec says can make me spend money just because they say so…

I don’t care of how many virus were detected… I just care about how many virus got through… (totally different)

Where do you have that from?

here, it’s a test from
actually self-protection is very important because undetected malware can attack the AV :cry:
tested product is CIS 4.1 vs NIS 2010

Thats for CIS 4.1 … loved to see tests with CIS 5

Have that file registryeasy and registrywinner been analysed to see if it is safe or not? since they were on trusted software vendors list, and where he got them from, they where listed as “problematic”.

+1…that’s exactly the key! Don’t get infected…stop before they come in…and that’s our philosophy from day 1…

Keep a clean pc clean!!!


I hope we’ll have an official statement about AVC, not that I don’t trust Comodo, but to understand what happened (why CIS 4.1 or 5 aren’t tested).
Too late for the test? Bad results? Too much companies to test? (They should drop Kingsoft).
Also, Kingsoft database signature is from 27/07, maybe Comodo was too late.
Too bad AVC won’t say a thing, that’s why I’d like to hear it from Comodo.

Here is a more sophisticated tests…


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Back to the original topic of the thread

There has been a lot of talk at these forums for nearly half a year that Comodo will be tested. When will this happen? What is the formal status of talks between Comodo and av-comparatives?”

Everyone is still waiting for a statement about this.

Thanks Lasse88.

begemot, I know you’re eager to troll, but please… :slight_smile:

Yup, agree!

But Comodo are so nice they don’t lock threads and ban users without proper reason unlike… :slight_smile:

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Once again, this thread is about AVC’s August On-demand tests and when Comodo will be tested- I suggest if you have something else to talk about you do it elsewhere.

I can’t, you’re already trolling ther forums about how NIS2011 is better :-/

With my enormous respect to Languy99 you can’t compare his (in some degree amateur) reviews with one of the the most serious and respected testing laboratories. Also Languy is a comodo mod so his reviews can’t be objective 100% when he tests comodo and even if I personally trust him there are tons of people who say he is a comodo mod and that’s why he is not objective for us and he has nothing to say to this.

I don’t understand why Comodo began to develop the AV component at all if in their agenda AV is an atavism. Ditch it and concentrate on a firewall, D+ and other components that you’re historically strong.

I know that comodo is free and for free it’s great, but if comodo want to earn some cash and i think they still want it, so they need to have their av certified. Nobody will pay for the whole suite if it has a not certified av and talks about how comodo revolutionary don’t work here. When you have so many good free and certified av’s it’s very difficult to convince people to install cis premium when they can have the same great protection from firewall with D+ and other free certified AV.

Sorry that comodo’s head does not see it.

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Back to the topic:

Adonis has a good point.

AV component helps us with usability.

There is no point in showing a D+ alert for a malware we know already…

its exactly like Whitelisting…we don’t show a D+ alert for a safe app either…

So we use Black and Whitelisting to make D+ very quiet :wink:


Melih have the files " registryeasy and registrywinner" been double checked, to see if the vendors really can be “trusted”, since they where marked as “problematic” where languy did get them from.

Melih, what is the formal status of testing for AV-comparatives? When will Comodo be tested? Why wasn;t it included in this round of testing?