Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) coming features & comparisons.

What version of Android are you currently running?
Where did you attempt to DL from?
Have you tried from this link?

Regarding " Remoute Capture" option in Anti- Theft service.
The captured picture will be sent to email. It is not so cozily to find this picture on mail from android telephone
( which is not yours and you have not your email in it), when you run in the street and looking for your stolen phone.
It must be much better to see this picture on buddy ( or any other ) telephone which you use for help to find
your stolen phone. Such you can in real time to find the thief.
Therefore I would recommend you to add in “Remote Capture” for Android the option to send captured picture
to phone from which the activation command was received .

I agree the first point you mentioned is very important because if we lost or if stolen anyone can uninstall CMS and so anti-theft or CMS dos nothing.

Jelly Bean gives the option of blocking unknown callers.

yeh but does not give the chance to block the unnistallation of cms, thats must be one option on next updtate, to unnistall cms must give the password

Thank you for this. I tried installing CMS on my Asus TF300T from the Google Play store and it said it was “incompatible”, but I was able to install it from the link you provided. Just had to download it to my PC, then upload it to Dropbox and then download and install it from Dropbox. :slight_smile:

You could have DL’d directly to your tablet by using its browser.
The end result being the same, I’m glad it worked for you :slight_smile:

You are correct. I just didn’t have the tablet with me, and I am in the habit of downloading what I can to my PC first, so I can run a virus scan on it first, for both my tablet and phone. I trust Comodo, so there was no need to scan this, but it’s a habit I’d rather not break.

Virus scanning a anti virus hmmmmm ironic to say the least. :slight_smile:

PS not that there is anything wrong with that.

any news for new release with new languages and password protection for remove cms?


We are working on something, but password protection might wait a little longer :-X

The only real way to prevent someone else from uninstalling this is if they don’t know it exists on your phone. Hiding it from displaying on the app drawer will accomplish this. (They can’t uninstall what they can’t see/find). :slight_smile:

Agreed. You can disable “Show icon in Task Bar” from settings :slight_smile:

And can you tell us what stuff are comodo working for cms? What can we expect?
;D :P0l

Yep, definitely I can tell 8)



Any new features? :slight_smile:


ok then tell us what can we expect on next release, please. :-La

LOL. It’s just a habit I’d rather not get out of doing. :slight_smile:

What’s new in version 2.4.3?

where did you get it?
I don’t see any topic about new version, the last version i see is 2.4.1 not 2.4.3