Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) coming features & comparisons.

Hi, my dearest friends,

With your all the times’ concerns & supports on CMS, we have collected you guys’ kind suggestions from the wish list. Now, it gives our great pleasure to share with you that Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) V1.2 has included Anti-Theft feature. More important, in our coming releases, CMS will have more features which are in need for our lovely users. Pls refer to the following comparison charts.

All of our features are FREE for our users. Our hearts go together with you. We sincerely hope that you can be touched.

Appreciate again for your supports!

Warmest regards,


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I find the comparisons always tricky. It can be done in a way to show the products has most of the stuffs.

But yes we all are happy loads of new & good features are coming soon.

Congrats :slight_smile: If I had Android then CMS would be the first app on it :smiley: Looks very promising :slight_smile:

excellent feature list!

All that for FREE!!!

part of the anti theft I would like to be able to take pictures with the front camera if available, if not take one of the rear camera and mms it back to the request.

It is incompatible with my Asus TF201 Transformer Prime, Android version 4.0.3. Why?

A lot of apps seem to have issues with ICS.

looks promising in coming version… but CMS detection rate is very low as I have seen in AV-TEST… though it was older version of CMS…
I would like to see better detection rate and lower battery consumption like that of avast in upcoming version…

I talk, some, about the future possibilities in this post:

See here for more info

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I’m logged in. when I click the link it says the destination is either missing or off limits to me. why

It’s fixed now.

Hi Fanny

Are you able to share any new features planned for CMS 1.5, 1.6, etc?


Also USSD protection right? As I can’t see it here.

and what about translation support?

Any chance to see a firewall in the near features?

I think there are two important features that need to be added:

  1. The users password needs to be entered in order to uninstall CMS> This would prevent an unauthorized user from uninstalling the program, thus keeping the anti-theft from working.

  2. The option to block unknown or anonymous callers needs to be added.


New CMS update is taking a very long time. Where is it? USSD protection, etc?

As always, it will be ready for release when it is ready.
Thank you for understanding.

I know that. The whole point is to stress it here. That we still here. We still care. We want it! Give it to us LOL! This is by far the most anticipated CMS update. :slight_smile:

i tried to download Comodo mobile security on to my Huawei h866c but it said it wont work on it? why? is there another? id like to find a good security for my Android i love COMODO