Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta (CMS) V1.1.16846.2 is released.

Hi, everyone,

Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta (CMS) V1.1.16846.2 is released! Due to your great concerns and efforts, compared with V1.0.16189.1, we have made some improvement and fixed some reported bugs.

Improvement & Bug Fixed:

b Antivirus [/b]

  • Optimized the antivirus scanning algorithm to improve scanning speed;
  • Enhanced the virus data base to cover more latest malware;
  • Added “check the update” option which allows users to decide whether to check for latest version and virus database when either Wifi is available or not;

b Software & Process Manager[/b]

  • Added “Password Reset Q&A” for App Protector, which allows users to retrieve their password and strengthen security;
  • Fixed the crashes when Process Manager is launched on certain languages;

b SMS/Call Blocking[/b]

  • Added Select All ,Delete All, Delete Selection button in Call/SMS Blocking feature for operation convenience;
  • Added processing progress when importing or exporting private contents;

b Privacy Protection[/b]

  • Added “Password Reset Q&A” for Private Space, which allows users to retrieve their password and strengthen security;
  • Added processing progress when importing or exporting private contents.

Product/download webpage:

size: 1.07M (1,131,660 bytes)
md5: a3270579e299846f017d96d4d2d24ae9
sha1: 705d8b3bc7a9ed131ac13cfbcadecdb2e6846a23

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nice work!

Congrats on the new release Fanny

Thank you for the new release. Cant wait for it to come out of beta… ;D

nice job.
Thank you

Hi Guy’s,

Nice release but why does it need the permission ‘Services that cost you money, send sms or call…’ ???

Who is in charge of Valkyrie project now when Fanny is dealing with CMS?

Why wouldn’t Fanny be able to handle both ???

correct me if im wrong but i think Fanny is doing both projects which might be why we havent seen any new devlopment from valkyrie in a while. this also makes me wonder if Fanny is also working on ccav, seems like a lot

I’m just asking cause lately there is a silence when it comes to her responding to users questions about Valkyrie.
I’m not saying she is not able to handle them…
But it would be nice to hear some news…
Looks like CMS took priority over Valkyrie and personally I don’t like that.

Is this a beta or final release?

Why does the title mentions Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta & not Comodo Mobile Security Beta on Android? The title gives impression of Android Beta & not CMS Beta.


maybe it is the Ice Cream Sandwich they are referring to. it is still beta

i completely agree

Congratulations with the release.

Thanks for the update :-TU. Updated directly from phone which went smoothly (after enabling unknown sources). Roughly, how many android threats does CMS beta detect now?


Hi, dear Graham1,

Over thousand malware we can detect in this beta version. We have being kept the sign base stronger and stronger to cover more and more latest android malware. Meanwhile, we also very appreciate if you guys can report us the lateset malware you find to help us improving CMS.

Best regards,


Hi, dear OmeletGuy,

Thanks for your concern. You will soon see CMS out of beta. We are now preparing make it launch to Android market. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Glad to hear it Fanny :-TU :slight_smile:

Hi, my lovest wasgij6, John, Ronny,Siketa, wasgij6, naren,EricJH and guys who concern about Fanny & our comodo products,

I here thank you so much for all of you’s always encouragement, supports and help! Without you, we can’t insist on producing more and more amazing free products for the internet users. Thank you again!

Yes, Fanny has being worked on Valkyrie, CMS and also CCAV. I am so sorry that I didn’t always response either on Valkyrie or CMS, because I need to focus on all these design & development in coming months. However, I will still make valkyrie being improved. I am sure that you can understand and continue to support me, support our products. Because you all are Fanny’s good friends as well as Valkyrie, CMS & future CCAV’s “guardian”! Let’s together to make all of them popular!

Appreciate again for your great help!

Best regards,


Thanks for the reply Fanny