Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta (CMS) is released now!

Hi, everyone,

It gives our great pleasure to announce that Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta (CMS) is released today!

CMS was born to protect your smart phones from viruses and give you better control on your security and privacy. It features:

b Antivirus [/b]
“Always on” virus protection and an on-demand scanner help keep your device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. One touch scans and scheduled scans are provided as well as a system “Health Check” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings.

b Software & Process Manager [/b]
CMS gives you full visibility and control over running processes. You can see how many are running, how much memory each uses and can quickly close down the ones you don’t want. Software Manager helps you uninstall or kill apps which may be slowing down your phone down.

b SMS/Call Blocking[/b]
Instantly filter out annoying SMS messages and phone calls by configuring black/white contact lists. Alternatively, simply block all text messages containing certain keywords.

b Privacy Protection[/b]
Your Private Space is where you store contacts, phone numbers and text messages that are for your eyes only. Once added, only you will be able to view those communications. In addition, App Protector enables you to lock your apps from being accessed by unauthorized users.

We sincerely hope that all of you can give us your feedbacks on the forum. Though there still will be great space for us to improve our product, we believe that with your concerns and under our continuous efforts, CMS can be your smartphone’s good partner!

Product/download webpage:

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MD5: 6864d491a92d4fb5bf40ef53cfc9b232
SHA1: c624733c82de2cdf08c64da9cafca81a11df0a52


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Finally comodo has the antivirus for android. I hope it can protect my smartphone.

Cannot wait and try :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow~ Amazing!! Thanks, Comodo!! ;D

Tried it. The idea of private space is awesome. I really want to keep certain contacts. >:-D

Potential junk call blocking is also nice. But it would be better if we have the option to block unknown calls directly. 8)

ps: the start page is impressive 88)

It is very good for me, now I can select some annoy contacts which I do not want to answer to black list, and I will not be afraid about downloading virus app again,so cool~

I like System Health Check. Except for scanning the virus, it can also help my smart phone to identify the potential unsafe settings. Great !!!

By looking at the features, the app protector in Private Space is also my favorite. Though phones are personal, it really important to keep some privacy space on our phone.

Anyway, I will try it now. Hope CMS did a good job.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Glad to see the fast scanning speed for the Antivirus. Meanwhile, the outlook of the product is so cool.
Oh, Scheduled Tasks?
The function is most useful for me :-La
It is mid-night for me. I don’t want to receive any calls.
So I automate the Flight Mode finally
My I9100 save electricity, and I sleep well :a0~

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I have tried many mobiel secruty software. They are all similar. Most of them also support anti-lost. Looks like CMS does not have this feature. But the SMS/blocking and privacy is very impressive.

Nice job~

Any Infos for Other Translation for it Release dates

will there be any HIPS-component?

Excellent work done by an excellent team!

Welldone guys!


I don’t use any but if I had one CMS would be the first thing on it :slight_smile: It’s kind of you to cover almost all security places.

Do you know if any HIPS will be implemented?

Any idea how I could try it on my real machine?

I would rather have some anti-thief component :slight_smile:

pls create a wishlist and add your wishes there so that we can implement it for you.


Excellent!! :-TU
Thanks Fanny and CMS team

I did —>;msg562739#msg562739

So How good is the AV database for CMS? still small I would think? and how do u guys get samples?

congrats on the release. its great to see comodo protecting so many different platforms. if i ever get an adroid ill test this out

I shall be doing a video for this tonight, can’t wait to see how it does against my small batch of android malware.

Could you tell how CMS can be tested. Thanks