Comodo Mobile Security on Android Beta (CMS) is released now!

For those who like a few images… taken from the SDK emulator.

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Infection vector no 1 is still downloading of an app that isn’t playing nice…
So download the apps to the phone, scan or install and see what happens is the plan I guess.

Congratulations on the beta release :-TU. Have downloaded and installed on my android phone and looks great. Looking forward to future releases.


talk to languy99 about running Android on a computer and installing apps

Download Android emulator.

Am running and testing this now.
Thank you for this great app Fanny

Many thanks well done

My Samsung Tablet 10.1 running Android 3.1 will not let Comodo rotate so I look at it 90 degrees turned!!! Other programs turn automatically as you turn the tablet

Suggestion the scheduler and Flight mode is just great but would be fantastic if I could have a day choice to eg Mon-Fri set times and then for weekends chose differing times for Flight mode to turn on as opposed to weekdays

Thank you for a job well done and another great progarm to use and recommend

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I must comment this is a really nice app tool for Android, Fanny.
It has allowed me to disable 3 separate apps in favour of this one which frees up valuable memory.
Job well done.

I cant wait for CMS Symbian Release :frowning: I use most of Comodo Security softwares!!! But I Have Nokia N8 (Symbian^3) and I cant use CMS :frowning:

it would not be worth it for comodo, symbian is gone, it will be replaced by windows on nokia phones. But even them it will not be worth it until windows mobile becomes popular. Andorid is over 50% of the market right now. Releasing it for android makes the biggest sense at this time.

video done, just editing it right now. It should be up later this afternoon.

Languy99 review

Is this going to be free even after beta period ends ?


we are working on the next version with many more features including anti theft, online backup and so on.

is it realtime or on-demant right now?

you are certainly ambitious with this app Melih.
this will definitely be a must have killer app for Android phones

Yes, you can perform an on-demand scan in Antivirus component, and realtime scanner runs automatically while installing new apps.

Looking at your video I stay with Dr. Web for now until Comodo has found a way to get the signatures to work with android. Still I hope there will be a video soon that shows Comodo mobile av works 100%

Great job and thanks.

i wonder if the signatures not working could somehow have to do with cms being run in an android emulator. has anyone tested cms signatures on an actual phone?

this is just a beta virus db…not the full one…