Comodo Mobile Security 2.0?

Where is it? LOL! Looks AMAZING! :slight_smile:

Edit: More pics: Comodo Mobile Security для Android Скриншоты - Comss.Антивирус


Thank you very much for the link. It’s amazing! ;D :-TU

I’m very happy! And so surprised! Only found out about it today! ;D


There are not updated?

No because it’s not officially released yet… :slight_smile:

Change Log? Whats New? Previous Bug Fixed or Work Around in The App Itself?

so is this a beta

No official release, neither released nor beta?

What’s new? Translate the Russian: Comodo Mobile Security для Android - Скачать бесплатно. Мобильный антивирус

Which bug? Just wait and see soon the Comodo staff will release it officially on the forum.

Correct. It’s not BETA. By the looks of it it’s a final release. But since the Comodo staff didn’t yet officially announced it… It’s not official :slight_smile:

English translation

thank you this software is excellent :-TU :-TU :110:


When there was a choice of language in CMS?


Thank you for your response and great product, like all your products!

Russia is waiting for the Russian language. :slight_smile:

Why its not released in the forum?

Is it a leaked version?

Anyone trying it?

How is it? Is it light?

Network firewall (requires root-access)
• Automatically blocks unwanted Internet connection.
How is this working? Any info on what basis it automatically blocks unwanted internet connection?

Does FW in Avast Mobile Security also works automatically?

Because it’s up to them (Comodo staff) to decide when to officially release it. And since we might get CIS on the 18th of April I think they will release it together with CIS but that’s a wild guess. Leaked version? No since the Comodo staff already did upload it. We just got it sooner thanks to our Comodo member! Yes it is already installed on my Android. It works perfectly! I love it! In order to have a firewall you need to root your device first. Avast firewall needs rooting as well.

Edit: You set up the firewall and you choose what to block and what not.

OK, so you have to set the firewall to allow/block apps. I thought automatically blocks unwanted connection means they have implemented some type of analysis or blacklists.

And any info if its released or beta version?

If released version then I would try it.

It will be ‘your’ blacklisting. It is a released final version! Try it!