Comodo Mobile Security 2.0?

I made room for the new cms to be installed but when I try to install it, it just says the app was not installed. it doesn’t say why or anything. I’m not uninstalling the current version because then I may not be able to get the previous version

HTC wildfire s
Android 2.3.5

Yes, your are right. The blacklist may be different between any two users.
And, sometimes there is only a little difference between stupid and intelligent…
So before we can be intelligent enough we wont make decision for users.

It won’t install because the signature is incorrect.
It needs to be re uploaded to the server, with the correct Signature.

that doesn’t make sense to me. I have the apk file for version 2. what on my phone checks for a correct signature of a file

what about resource/battery usage?

note: i am with Avast on a rooted phone

My mobile is not rooted so can’t really say for sure. But it is light on my battery and resource wise. The only way to know is to try it for yourself.

When you try to enable FW does it gives a prompt that root-access is required so that you can allow or cancel it?

Is the trayicon, its colour too changed?

Avast blocks outgoing connections based on global/individual policy (set by you) and depending the type of connections allowed/blocked. once set all is automatic.

when enabled , avast FW ask for root access.

Non rooted mobile. Going into traffic monitoring/when you click on the firewall you get: “Could not acquire root access. You need a rooted phone to run firewall. If this phone is already rooted please make sure firewall has enough permissions to execute the “su” command”. You click ok and get “error enabling firewall”. The last Q I don’t get it.

TrayIcon was red in colour & looked like lightening sign. Is the look & colour changed with version 2?

Oh that LOL! Yes the trayicon is changed. Now it’s a silver letter “C” inside the green circle and silver colour on the outside. On the top bit you have a red line saying “Comodo”.

Why is Comodo obsessed with red colour?

Its good the icon is green now as it goes with the GUI.

What do you mean by "On the top bit you have a red line saying “Comodo”? And God! again red here.

Any screenshots?

See here the trayicon is next to the battery/time/connection: Новая версия Comodo Mobile Security 2.0 для Android

Thanxx, this looks cool man! But I dont like the top red line comodo, it makes the attractive icon look unattractive. They should remove that.

Hope they also change CIS icon.

Red is the official Comodo color.
That is why the red.
And when I attempted to install over the existing CMS, the error message I got was the signature didn’t match, installation aborted.

Maybe engine & databases changes in the new version…

Any screenshots! :slight_smile:

Is Fanny on vacation? When version 2 is going to be released in the forum & play store?

Comodo staff are prob busy recording new bigger Comodo shake ;D :-TU

They are trying to beat this one… 88)

It’s crashed twice for me. I’m running some tests…

[EDIT] It could be my OEM launcher or something else. Going to try and find an app crash utility to diagnose.