Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6704 - RC

Why are you making a reply in this topic if you are not using the version this topic is about? You should try this version to see if issue is fixed and if not provide a diagnostic report and create memory dumps of the comodo processes using high CPU.

You’re right. I just saw a similar reply above and not sure about if it’s related to specific version as I use the test version in a virtual environment.

When will RC2 be released?

By the way, I confirmed today on a second PC with 6704 that its the act of installing KillSwitch that puts the dbghelp.dll file on the system that then causes the cmdagent.exe protected service to fail to start correctly.

Following my recent topic :

PremJK advised me to uninstall my previous version of Comodo Internet Security which gave me some high CPU usage issues, in order to get the one linked in this topic.

I’ve downloaded

Then I’ve installed the software. Everything seemed to work as intended, until I try to do an update :

Is there something to do to fix it ? Does it also mean my computer isn’t currently “protected” and I should be carefull when using internet ? (more than usual, I mean)



Try to add this IP for beta updates:

The info from the thread:

About the high cpu usage issue: I used to have it when I was with CISv11 stable(Using v10 at the moment). My internet connection was not stable at the time. Many times when comodo tried to autoupdate database, the cpu usage went about 50% and it stayed like that, even after the update ended. Only a system reboot turned the cpu usage to normal(Shutdown and turning on PC didn’t help in windows 10). So I disabled automatic update and the high cpu usage issue became less frequent. (Although that was long time before and I might be wrong) Could there be any issue with cloud lookup and/or database updater in version 11 which apparantly persist in this RC version as well for many?.
I was using latest updates on windows 10(pro 64 bit) at that time(about two months ago) and changed back to CIS v10.

Trying this RC in a VM and I still can’t view gifs and videos on Facebook when Opera is sandboxed.

Where is RC2?

Wait for Christmas ;D

They wrote that it was ready. And do not release)))

They wrote that they corrected the problems of integration in 6704. As they say, on the fence it is written.

Maybe in RC2 corrected …

So the reason for the integration error MikeDiack found;msg880659#msg880659, and so we wait until they give birth to the correction.

I know about this, and therefore I am waiting for RC2

Over the next week, this is with an optimistic scenario.

I’ll wait

I’m using this beta version, and I still have this high CPU usage issue when an update is coming up (I still do not know if it’s because of the update or something else, tho).

And another issue when I try to update the Virus base :

If my CPU still runs crazy (up to 100% usage) would it be better to uninstall this current version or just keep ending the task by myself ?

I feel kinda worried for the durability of my processor atm :frowning:

When using beta version you need to use beta servers to use for updates this is explained in each beta topic, as for high cpu by update, what update do you mean? If updating the av then it is expected as it merges the new db with the old. You need to determine the process name of using high cpu other than “comodo internet security”.

Can you check with Windows Task Manager what process is using the CPU so much? You need to look under the details tab.

Can you also check the Tasks logs of CIS to see what task is running? Whether it is the AV updating its self or running a scheduled scan?