Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6704 - RC

Hi All,

Release candidate of CIS v11.0.0.6704 RC is now available for download and testing feedback.


Size: 71M ( 73704568 )
MD5: c1b2b72c95dcc23d820e1befa3b1e456
SHA1: 962bd918ef9b09fae5f03ab361bbcd2417bf6015


  • Defects related to Security Center Integration.

Following the tradition:

  • Main focuses:
    - Bug verification

Previous builds will not update to this version at this time, manual update only. Automatic updates will be enabled shortly.

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.



ran update and imported 6644 config.
Running good at moment , will update

Well at first the installation went well, a few hours passed.

Comodo FW ONLY installed this time.

BUT all of a sudden we get Windows (10) notices about Comodo Firewall not active (but it was). Rebooting seems to fix that for now.

After a reboot and some time, we got an other notice that Windows defender was stopped and it must be restarted (or reboot, not sure …).

Alas … apparently something is wrong.

After a reboot, i get notice that Comodo is not active and i have no protection.

But i have, since Comodo FW seems to be working.

Clean install after using the Comodo Uninstaller - everything is working well (Win10x64 1803 17134.254)

The the Unrecognised Files issue has gone

I have never had cmdagent.exe excessive CPU issues - but from what others have said, it may just appear now and again, so Ill keep a close eye on things

Killswitch still gives the the Corrupt File error but can be installed using the Test Server IP . . . . however this still screws up the Security Centre integration, necessitating a complete CIS re-install, but I will wait for the upgrade roll-out on the standard servers to see if that fixes it

Virtual Desktop and Secure Shopping work well

Hi Pixo1,

Thanks for reporting. We will reach you for more information.

Kind Regards,

Hi Ploget,

Can you please explain what happened after installing KillSwitch through Beta server. Did you have Integration issue after installing KillSwitch?

Kind Regards,

Using the Beta Server IP in CIS, KillSwitch installs and works w/o a problem as long as the system is running

After a reboot however, the Protected instance of cmdagent.exe doesn’t start / and can’t be started, giving the old Security Centre error message of No Firewall

The only way around this is a full CIS reinstall

I did a video recording. FW install ONLY.

After 1+ minutes the Windows defender center says that FW is not enabled but soon after goes to OK status by its own.

After a while the WINDOWS antivirus goes offline (stopped). The very same happens at each reboot i do.

See the video, 3 minutes.

(Windows 10/64 latest everything)

Dev teams are checking.


Not a full release yet . . . that’s normal

Hi megaherz33,

We haven’t set this to update for existing installations at this time.

Thanks Shane.


We start all over again. Integration with the security center after a cold start again does not work.

And still it finds some updates of the program and can not download them :o

We’re seeing a few reports on the integration still.

The devs are investigating.

And what have they been doing for the last two months?

If i leave the AV service of Windows stopped and wait a few minutes, it gets auto-started. BUT also after a while it stops again. Probably Windows checks if the AV is stopped and starts it. And apparently Comodo stops it, but shouldn’t since i ONLY installed the FW !

Well I’ve tried everything . . . multiple reboots . . . cold starts . . . and I’m running a rather ‘complicated’ system here, but CIS is working flawlessly

Security Centre integration perfect and no errors anywhere

Many thanks :-TU

I rebooted the PC, turned it off, and then turned on … there are no problems