Comodo Internet Security v10.1.0.6476 - RC

Hi All,
We are pleased to make following RC version available for your feedback:

Online Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

You can update to this version from last production versions 6420 and 6474 as well by using IP settings as shown in enclosed HostSettings_for_Update.png.

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.3M (5,514,328 bytes)
MD5: 8fe22729a755959b2d555a90b1150169
SHA1: 8bbd9ee15a604198333227c0feef160ebc68777c

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M (5,514,328 bytes)
MD5: 0dbd2702c4e1c9b09cd08e3a30787d21
SHA1: d436fcf606aeda499f22bb3cffcf8c915a2796de

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M ( 5514328 )
MD5: b24b9bdcb2eab88cc1e639180a055197
SHA1: b556421b67071c26a2983a795ed9c8ea0c838b98

Offline Setup Details:
Size: 67M ( 69608024 )
MD5: 3eb70de77e3c554c62ea684deb4a6d1b
SHA1: 5c6a6d40b635363b677833cd1099592ef09fe2ee


  • It solves the “Snoozed Firewall” issue as reported here.

This is the only change on top of v6474.

Please share your valuable feedback.
We plan to release this via updates on 11th Jan, 2018 unless you can find any blocker.



Windows SmartScreen Filter is blocking the file because it seems to be unsigned.

Please check sha-1 of downloaded file. May be incomplete download.
Setups are digitally signed.

sha-1 is the same: 5c6a6d40b635363b677833cd1099592ef09fe2ee

Can you please right click setup and check digital signature tab?

There is a certificate (see screengrab) but I don’t know if it’s valid or if the Microsoft SmartScreen database is outdated.

Please select certificate and click on “Details”, if OS considers it as invalid, it should show that as.

The certificate seems to be fine. Looks like a false positive.

Confirmed, a false positive. Comparing side by side, it’s the same digital signature. You can right click the installer and “unblock” manually from there.


Yes, I bypassed the warning and installed it. So far no issues.

Thank you for the quick release of the RC. Waiting for a moment to reboot my system to start testing it. :slight_smile:

When there will be an option to avoid to sandbox automatically via popup?
I can’t understand how this basic, quality life feature is not implemented yet.

It’s very high in our list.

Ok, thanks for the answer, I am waiting for this to come back to Comodo

Apart from the SmartScreen FP, working fine and no longer having the issued with Security Centre.

ISE doesn’t install on my pc with installation but that’s been a ongoing thing.


EDIT: I think the FP is only due to the installer coming from the beta IP Address and not the main site.

On Win 10 71063 both Security and Maintenance and Windows Defender Security Center show the firewall working. See attached images.

Where CIS?

I too can confirm this version has fixed the Security Center issue! 8)

had the sc issue still after update . Run update again and it downloaded recognizer update and now it is fine.