Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6396 Released

You don’t have to.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Everything working fine after upgrading to FCU :-TU

Why untrusted?

The way it works, it compares against Master Root Certificate list and if not part of it, you are presented to decide.
In next releases we plan to define an inbuilt exception list of known verified certificates.

Both CIS and Dome Shield use common centralized thread database.
For now they are separate products.

This issue still not fixed :frowning:

Hi szczyputek,
Browsers support is limited at the moment. We are working on web browser extension based model and that will be more reliable.
Right now the best is to use Secure shopper directly and browse inside.


I tested with AMTSO samples, they are detected & quarantined with no alerts.

Comodo Firewall i.e CAV not installed.

OK. Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

I just noticed that Antivirus Real Time Scan has no longer the option of setting exclusions. What happened? :o

Does anybody know the reason or how to configure Exclusions again?

It is mentioned in the first post by Umesh:

Other Changes: 12. "Scan Exclusions" section has been moved from "Antivirus" section to under "Advanced Protection" and it also has a new tab for "Excluded Certificate Authorities" as may have been added to exception during certificate scan.

Thanks morphius is just found it a minute ago by re-reading the first page.

Nice release and detailed release notes.

Thank you very much!

Improved: 8. Improved Auto-Sandbox notification: Now when an application is auto-sandboxed, notification has an option not to isolate again. Please check enclosed Improved_Auto_Sandbox_Notification.png.

Following bugs are resolved in this CSS release:

  • Crash seen with take-on-mars
  • Alert due to Logitech software

Quote from: peopleinside on Yesterday at 05:51:37 PM
Why the Secure Shoping cannot be present also in the setup of the Firewall only?
We will be making Secure Shopping independent product, so it can be downloaded and installed separately.
In the mean time you can download using following link and install:

Thank you very much for these changes. Especially the one with separate CSS offline/independent installer.
Can I bookmark the above link for Secure Shopping for download or is it going to be changed?

A very long time is downloading files to the server.

Yes, you can bookmark.

I successfully updated on Win 7 SP1 x64.

I like the option to send crash reports to Comodo and that it gives you the option to send it or not. :-TU

Yes, but I don’t like that it keeps asking even if you said “no”…

For same crash case?

I had the previous version installed and I downloaded the online installer of
Once run, it uninstalled the old version and asked for a reboot.
After the reboot, the installation process didn’t continue, so I downloaded the offline installer and run it.
Once successfully finished, I got the prompt to send the crash report, which belonged to the failed installation by online installed. And it prompted me again even if I said “no”