Comodo Internet Security Pro asking me to purchase it

my understanding was that i could use this program for free why is it prompting me to buy it to carry on using it?

ive added some screenshots

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Hi Padge007,

Thank you for reporting.
Cis pro is paid product and it is not free.
Kindly refer the below link to download CIS/CFW/CAV free version.


thanks for replying but which do i download?

Either Online installer

Or offline one

Thank you Eric :-TU

Randomly started getting this message about Trial expiring
Internet Security Pro

just points to this: Free Antivirus Cleaner 2021 | Download Free Virus Cleaner App

No idea where this came from
Been using Comodo for years

Dont remember activating any trial

What happens if this expires??
Or what is even the trial

But anyways, does not matter
Not using Antivirus anyways (I guess its only about the antivirus)

But how do I stop this from popping up every few hours?

Please search before creating a new post about the same issue that already have a topic for.

Might wanna send a PM or something when you do that.

All I am seeing is just my posts disappearing without any notification

And I only found it here when I checked what I posted in my profile :smiley:

Either way I would probably not find this thread, because there is no word Trial

Not sure how was I using Pro for years if its not free?
Or did something change?

Not to mention that its super confusing with Comodo and the product pages / downloads
The website has awful design in that regard

aah wait I get it

Someone mentioned here on the forums that there is update for the v12.2.2.8012 to when you download from Comodo page

But I see that was actually the difference between Premium and Pro

Didnt realize I had Premium and update to Pro

This whole Free Premium Pro is just confusing, just like the whole main website ;D

Don’t worry, when the deadline arrives, just switch to free mode when requested.
Otherwise disable the notification in the Windows system

Hi Neoony,

Thank you for reporting.
The Cis pro v12.2.4.8032 is paid product.
Kindly use the below link to download the free CIS/CAV/CFW.



By the way, is there even any difference with CIS Premium and CIS Pro?
It was never clear to me why would anyone even buy it. I guess the only thing was the insurance of 0 virus (not sure if this is still a thing)
But I personally see zero difference with Premium or Pro?

I mean both have all Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+ and all of it
So what is the actual difference?

Mainly in the actual feature set of the software, not warranty or online storage or etc…

As mentioned, the website is just really not clear in any of this

The website does not even compare CIS Premium with CIS Pro?
But rather Antivirus with CIS Pro?
Just really strange

Is it just a commercial license?

I just had the same experience. I was on CIS Premium with Win 7 and uninstalled before upgrading to Win 10. I then tried to find the free version to reinstall on the website, and got very confused with the Home link taking to AV only. Thought I had found latest CIS Premium, but seemed to have installed CIS Pro, and it’s asking for a license now.

I’ve now downloaded the CIS Premium installer (offline mode). Do I need to backup config, uninstall Pro, install Premium and then restore config, or can I simply install over the top safely?

It will ask you to switch to Premium when it expires
Then its seamless, no reinstall or anything
Its just suddenly Premium
Or at least I didnt see much happening

But hey, at least its the Premium with higher version number than you get when you install the Premium?
Even more confusion ;D

If you install Premium, you only get v12.2.2.8012 and no updates
Unless something changed meanwhile

Not sure what is changed between the versions, or if this is now showing correctly

This software deserves better treatment than its getting :frowning:
Still the best security software with most control I can find (I would pay for it if it made sense)

I am okay

The free version is equal to the paid version in terms of protection
Except the support which is not present (geekbuddy)

yeah but I mean, if it meant that it will be better maintained, improved, supported and bugfixed…then I would even pay for that
The world is moving, Comodo is not at this moment
Which prompts you to look for alternatives

I guess I read here some claims that the software is in good state and there is no need to work on it.
But thats not gonna last long and people will leave it if they see no updates (plus its not always stable when installing it on various PCs, and I guess already seeing W11 bug reports)

Not to mention all this confusing stuff about website design and downloads and various versions

Comodo CIS protection engine is intact for Windows 10 and lower despite lack of CIS updates
For Windows 11 Comodo does not confirm it because the OS is different, in particular by adding TPM2 and other modules to this own operating system
Taking the time for an update is not the worst solution as long as the analysis of SHA1 files and their actions are mastered by Comodo

Sure, its just not really clear that there is work being done :smiley:
On the outside it appears more abandoned than not.

Actually my mistake, it did reset my settings.
But just go General Settings - Configuration and export it
And then you can re-import it later and activate the config (I was expecting it)

Not sure how I did not see that before.

This didn’t happen for me. After nagging several times a day that the trial period would end (including whilst in games, very annoying), it stopped working. No seamless switch to Premium.

So I tried to install Premium over the top. This has messed up big time. Failed to install. I can’t uninstall previous version, nor install Premium.