Comodo Internet Security Essentials v1.3.59977.152 Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to inform you that we have released Comodo Internet Security Essentials v 1.3.59977.152 (was v1.2.422025.92).

Thank you for trying out related RC version.


  • In previous release of v88. There was a bug, where upon fresh installation of ISE, unless you re-start system, some of https sites could not be browsed. This version fixes that problem.


Setup Details:

Size: 3,92 MB (4.119.568 bytes)
SHA-1: F7386F2584B91AF7167A7CB01487D21FFE0A6AEF

All users with older version of ISE should receive program update.


Details v1.2.422025.92)
Size: 3.92 MB (4,113,960 bytes)
SHA-1: 53f6a674ddba894c78f3681f41c1e642fc334481

Received & installed fine. Everything working as should :-TU

Was expecting an update last August. Is there an ETA of the new update?

Update is postponed to Nov-2017.

I really hate this.

  1. Updating Firewall installed this instead. It was using vast amounts of memory. Total bloatware. Uninstalled. Returned to install FIREWALL. FIREWALL! THE FIREWALL I KNEW AND LIKED.
  2. Downloaded ‘Comodo Firewall’ and somehow ended up with Security Essentials again. Firewall was configured to autostart. Now, nothing. Silent. Great for a firewall!

The italian lenguage?

Current Patent Pending on ISE about pate is 2005-2017 and current version 1.3.453193.152.

Are there plans for further development or built-in integration with CIS or CD?


I’ve noticed that doing a clean install of the latest CIS versions / updates, gives a newer version as here

Also that SUMo ‘sometime’ shows that there is an even later version, which as yet I haven’t been able to track down

The newest that came with 6870 is 1.6.13835.185

That’s the one - hadn’t checked recently. Thanks :-TU

Your correct, the one shipped with CIS is the latest version but website distributes 2017 version and states there are no updates. I grabbed the latest from the C:/Program Data/Comodo/Installer folder. It would be good to see some changelog.



If Sumo hadn’t kept prodding I wouldn’t have kept looking, until I noticed the first change. The release notes are woefully out of date and have been for quite some time. Year and a half at last date!

Where can you download the new and free version?

You probably already have the Installer if you’ve installed the CIS 6950 Beta or 6914 probably . . . see Eric’s post 3 up from here

No, because I use the 6882 version downloaded from the link in this forum, which does not include CISE

I don’t mean it installs it necessarily - but the Installer’s included in the Directory he stated if you’ve ever tried the versions I mentioned, unless you’ve uninstalled CIS AND wiped those folders also

Ah ok then check. :smiley: :-TU
I had version 6914 installed, but I removed it with the unistaller, so I don’t know if it also removed that directory.
As soon as I can, I check the directory if it exists.
Thank you! :wink:

I have seen but it is not there.

Where can I get the installation file updated to the latest version?

I have the same problem. cise installer.exe not in programdata/comodo/installer
I found an older link in the forum but this link installs version 1.3.453.193.152
When you click on “check for updates” it says : “…updates available…”
Where can in download the newest version ? (1.6.472587.185 ?)
Can someone please gif us a link to the newest version . Thanks .

There is no link to version 1.6.472587.185. The url in the topic start always links the latest available installer.

How did you establish that v1.6.472587.185 is available? A third party program that checks for available updates?

I have updated the topic start to reflect that v1.3.59977.152 now is available for download.