Comodo Internet Security Essentials v1.2.419616.81 Released

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Internet Security Essentials v1.2.419616.81.
Thank you for feedback on ISE Beta release.

Here are the changes:

1) Shortcut added to ‘All Programs’
Now upon installation, you will see “Start–>All Programs–>Comodo–>Internet Security Essentials” shortcut allowing you to see ISE Settings.

2) Certificate based exception:
When alert is shown, user also has option to add untrusted certificate into exception list and thus he will not be alerted for any other site. Typical either you trust or you don’t. So exclusion on website basis results in annoying experience. Please see enclosed example alert.

3) Website Exclusion Removed from Alert:
We have removed adding exception to website from alert, as this again doesn’t help and opens up site against MitM attack as user is not warned for any untrusted certificate. However, if you do have a reason, you can always add a site into exception list for all certificates via Settings, which lets you add exception based on site.

4)Improved updater:
When updates are available, you will see notification as shown in enclosed snap, allowing user to postpone update to some other time.

5) Auto-learning Genuine Non-Standard Trusted Certificate Cases:
Earlier ISE could alert user for certificate installed by genuine application e.g. you may have Fiddler Web Debugger installed and that may have installed it’s root certificate for https web filtering, ISE still showed alert. Now improvised logic checks if we have Fiddler installed or not before deciding to alert for Fiddler related untrusted certificate. So it avoids annoyance / false-alert for some of know security products.

Setup Details:
Size: 3.91 MB (4,110,376 bytes)
MD5: 9921397CC1F3CE11226447FE8CCD8741
SHA-1: 23E468E13D402D8E8A4E567631A8FF0C5DEAF977

We have released it for new installation only and will release updates next week.

Thank you very much for all the feedback.
Please report if there are any web filtering software for which you would like exception to be created by default.


Link to the previous version .79



Clean install and working fine

Does it work with every browser, even portable?

IE, Chrome at the moment, working on supporting Firefox.

Chrome means any Chromium-based browser or Google Chrome only?
What about the portable version?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon and Chromodo.

Please try portable version, will have to check.

i only use Chromium portable, so i guess it’s not supported

May I ask what the difference is between this version (standalone) and the version that comes bundled with CCAV? (apart from being newer). Will my existing version automatically update to this version via CCAV?


All new installations are this new version and all old versions will get update next week.

I’ve updated this morning, but… I’ve got a quite strange surprise… Comodo Forum is at risk…

this is a complete fukup…

i don´t know if this is related to this release (my comodo shows version

but this morning i am greeted with a warning dialog i never saw before… and i don´t have this stuff enabled.
why is comodo enabling this after an update? i have only the firewall installed. i don´t want comodo to check website certificates.

now GOOGLE and many many other websites are suddenly a danger. WTF??

the settings button (the gear symbol) is not working. so i can´t disable this ■■■■.
all i an do is press “continue browsing this websites” every 10 seconds.

i can not reboot and check if that will solve some issues… because i render something and i can´t restart my system for another 16 hours.

So exclusion on website basis results in annoying experience

this comodo version results in an annoying experience.

Hi All,
We have issued updates to old users of Internet Security Essentials and they will be updated to v81.


Great but I’ll pass until Firefox is fully supported.

Hi vingiul,
By looking at alert image you enclosed it seems you still have older version of Internet Security Essentials.
May you please try latest version?


Hi Gothmoth,
Seems you still have older version of Internet Security Essentials, which doesn’t allow to create exception at certificate level or shows untrusted certificate name.

As you can see in this release post, there are significant improvements in this version to make it user friendly.


the problem is i NEVER have chosen to install CIS.

i only had the entry for the “comodo firewall” in programs and features.
today i look and there is a second entry for comodo internet security.

comodo can´t just choose to install and enable such stuff without asking their users.

it´s fine for comodo to install updates for the application i have chosen to install on my system.
but don´t use the permission to install updates to install something i chose not to use.

i only want the firewall not this CIS stuff!!
i don´t need comodo to check web certificates and i never told it to do so.

Hi Gothmoth,
We will be making optional in next major releases, please bear with us.
So you will be able to select from Components section.