COMODO Internet Security 8.0.332922.4281 BETA Released!


Yeah! The long awaited beta version is finally available. :-TU
Thanks Melih and Comodo Team! :slight_smile:

I’ll start testing soon - Windows 8.1 + All updates / 32-bit.


Did a clean install, reconfigured everything like I had it in v7 and running fine so far, tried a dozen of programs and games I use/play everyday - no problems.
One thing I noticed immediately, the interface is slightly smoother and responsive.



OK. It’s too bad we can’t export our Firewall, D+, Trusted Files, separately. I hope they implement an easier import/export system in the future. It would save a lot of time setting things up.

Great. I recommend everyone that’s testing the new build to remove leftovers from previous installations by using removal tool as well in order to prevent unwanted inferences.


Finally v8! Any changes to Website filtering which hasn’t gotten an update for months now? Also, can anyone post screenshots of the new features for us users who don’t have a testing machine? :slight_smile:

Installing. 8)

Installation stalls when installing on a non standard path. Observed only once of course. Installing on the default path works.

Also cistray.exe does not start with Windows on Win 8.1 x64.

It seems that the CIS auto startup issue on x86 OS is not fixed yet.

( the auto startup registry key of CIS is missed)

Found screenshots here:

Nice work with adding more options for CIS Comodo! :slight_smile:

Wondering why the user interface has not changed despite A LOT of people don’t liking it… ;D

Come on Melih, give us a more manly interface, because the current one looks like a child’s application or game software… :-TD

I really doubt the GUI lags problem that the user yro is facing will be solved in V8.

Please let us know if the problem persists with v8.

Version 7. also has the bug: Error(0x80070002) >:(

I personally like the GUI and no lagging issues here that I have noticed. :slight_smile:

The user of the “sd ahmad” forum and also reports that this version has the same bug.

Thanks :-TU

Nice to see v8 beta for test here.

Ill have to do a clean install of my os next week so before i do it ill give v8 beta a try so I can post my feedbacks about the lags.

If the interface was like the good old V5 era, then no one would be facing GUI lags… Comodo should make a simple and objective interface that really looks like a security software, because the current one does not look like one…

Melih should bring back the good old V5 era, the good old Shield shaped icons, the simple and light interface that was in CIS V4/V5 and stop with this Metro Interface that screams “I don’t know anything about PC Security, please protect me!!” and is full of animations/effects and heavy on resources…

Because in the end, all what we users want is not Viruscope, Virtual Kiosk, Widget and all this new features… What we really want is the simple and light software that CIS was till V5 era, with a interface that really screams “Security Software”.

Speak for yourself, not “we users”. i like the new features comodo adds

Does Windows Remote Desktop finally work with this version? Anyone able to test?