COMODO Internet Security 6.3.300670.2970 Released!

Most likely a problem with the servers, as browser
Comodo Dragon also gives an error when trying to update! :slight_smile: Can only wait! :wink:

From the error it sounds like the updater can’t find a file locally on the system, but perhaps I just misunderstand it and it means something else, hopefully just some server issues rather than an issue with the build.

Statler & Waldorf comment about upgrades from CIS 5 to CIS 6

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Killswitch and Cleaning Essentials Tool are also missing and not downloadable.
Diagnostics Tool cannot fix the problem.

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I had the update popup on my screen after returning to the pc after many hours.
It would not download and gave a message as file not found. I had updated another pc at home earlier today.

So I tried to update from the main screen and got the file not found a few more times so off to the forum I go.
After reading the forums just now I try one more time for the update and now there is no update and it says I am up to date.

So should I install the standalone file or is there something wrong with the update?


I updated without a hitch. When I saw the PrivDog screen I thought, “I don’t want this, I’ll just uncheck it”. Then the update button greyed itself out and I then thought, “oh I just have to cancel it”. All of this drama is really over-the-top I think. Yeah, it’s slightly confusing, but only because other programs didn’t do it that way and you’re accustomed to that. I’ve seen a recent adware installer that asked about multiple programs one after another alternating between having you uncheck a box then clicking next and just clicking decline. Now that’s shady. I would just suggest Comodo put a “Decline” box instead of “Cancel”.

I could not use the CIS updater (read a few posts before) so got the file fronm the first post in the thread.
It was just the updater so I went ahead with it and I unticked privdog and the agree and install was still able to be clicked on so away I went and it installed ok.

I also now remember another pc user here ask me when they got stuck with the CIS popup and that also allowed me to click install after unclicking privdog.

Maybe I was lucky or something but either way CIS seems to working ok.


Update suspended now?

Here check for update mention up to date.

Version installed is 6.3.297838.2953


I just thought I’d let you know that all seems to be working fine now (with regards to this issue).

Best regards.

Please create a bug report for this.

If a person is to untick both options, and the “AGREE AND INSTALL” button is still depressed, this would “LEAD” people to believe they have to “INSTALL” one or the other in order to “Finish” installation… This is “NO DIFFERENT” if not “WORSE” then what you described with the other installers you deemed shady… Im waiting to see a reply from the “MODS” or “DEVS” before i come to a conclusion to whether this indeed was “INTENTIONAL” or a “GLITCH” in the installer… If indeed it is the latter, then i owe them all an apology.

So either im being overly dramatic, or “YOUR LOGIC” is in dire need of a tune up…

After unchecking all options the update button did gray itself out, and the only remaining button was for cancel. Thus, if users do manually uncheck those options they cannot accidentally install PrivDog, or change the Homepage.

That said, I would very much prefer a disregard button, or similar wording, instead of cancel. I find it disturbingly misleading.

Well The installer with Style asking to cancel at each step is misleading as novice users who don’t want to install the additions but still will continue installing or simply move on thinking its annoying…
Usually Freemuim Ad-Supported Products whose Revenue is based on third party tools installation like Unlocker, uTorrent etc have this kind of installation… Well even some have the courtesy to add a button with the name “Skip” to reduce confusion…

Comodo should consider spending time on fixing bugs and not redesigning stuffs like installer which isn’t used on everyday basis by everyone, unless you work in the IT technician team… The older one was better, simply deselect click install and go have a coffee…

Comodo there are better stuffs to do… Consider that first…

You’re far too emotionally involved with this. Worst case scenario you install PrivDog when you didn’t want it and it changes your homepage. Uninstalling is pretty easy as is resetting your homepage. Second worst case scenario, you think you didn’t finish the update when you actually did. The solution there is just to come to the realization that you actually installed the update which will probably happen when it prompts you to restart immediately after.

Is that as bad as the installers I thought were shady? No, those installers had multiple pieces of adware and the method that you had to cancel changed each time you declined. This one had only one prompt for install. How is that “NO DIFFERENT” or…“WORSE”? Finally, what’s with the all caps in quotes?

If you can not understand what i wrote in the part you quoted me from, explaining further will be of no use…

Exactly, thank you Chiron… On a side note, after all this, i decided to just reinstall and check all this out again, this time, from a fresh install, the installer was like it should be, with just unticking and carrying on, however, i had an issue you are now seeing reports of, while updating the first installment of updates, my cpu 'i5 3230m" froze maxed out at 100% for over 10 minutes before i manually killed everything, the installer for the updates was spinning right at 90%… I ended up restarting and striping everything Comodo off my system, until they get all these issues fixed… This machine im running is less the 6 months old… Thought i would pass it on, wish i could have grabbed a log for you…

Concerning “PrivDog”, instead of all the bellyaching. Why do not you just uninstall it from your systems instead of all of the continued complaining?

Just had calls from those I have installed CIS on there computer having there homepages changed, the affect has been upsetting for many, not everyone is tech savvy to fix the changes, for many older people the result can be traumatic and distressing when there computer is changed in some ways, have seen this result in many elderly people who have been reduced to tears and have stood there shaking, they often feel they have done something to break the computer, when instead just installed something that they don’t want or need and it has changed some settings and installed some unwanted software, is easy for me to understand and fix, but for them they aren’t tech savvy enough and often are to distraught to be able to fix themselves anyways, so I urge Comodo to stop this behavior, please no more PUP’s and setting changes, or you will start to lose customers / users who will take there business elsewhere for ourselves and others we mange computers for >:(

<----- One long time Comodo user and supporter who is not impressed or happy with Comodo’s idiotic behaviour >:(

I uninstalled of Comodo… But to answer your question, As i stated early about this, and AimeeLW just pointed out, some of us, have installed CIS on many machines for people, that are not going to like this… Meaning “WE” the ones that installed, are going to take the blunt of this, because of Comodo’s behavior… As i also stated earlier, i have not only supported Comodo, but have always defended them, and this time, this is wrong, and needs addressed, not over looked, swept under the carpet if you may… So before all the other brown nosing posters “not calling you this Roger” come out of the wood work, take time to think about others besides yourself, as this is not being stated on my behalf, but on the behalf of over a dozen computers i have installed this on for others, including businesses…

I do not see how anyone can get so bent out of shape for a simple installation of a product that is only meant to do good for its users. I mean, I personally do not even touch the products icon on my bronzers but, I can see the numbers of what it’s doing continually rise per the websites I visit. Now I use ABP on my browsers that I use anyways, and just knowing that it is doing something “beneficial” is always a plus. I do not know if there are any “downsides” to using this product because I have not really gone into the depths of researching it but, I do have a little faith in what Comodo is trying to do “CIS wise”, and besides the “Yahoo” part (which I personally detest) the need to do something to offset the cost of doing something for free. I just know that I have only had one (1) issue concerning acquiring a virus on any kind on my system since I first has started using CIS. To go from many to non-existent is a wonderful product in my eyes. The rest of the so-called “top rated” security systems can go burn. Because I have just recently put a couple of the other programs on my system that were rated good/great by other (you fill in the term) and all of my hard drives/SSDs were (even my backup drives) were clean already. I just know that I have a little faith in what Comodo puts out even though sometimes they can become a little (put your word here) in regards of stopping something that was Great for no known reason. (CCE, etc.) But overall I can find no issues in the PrivDog but, I will take some time to do some research because I do not believe “ignorance is bliss”. :slight_smile: