COMODO Internet Security 6.0.260739.2674 final released "tomorrow" ?!

It seems Comodo Internet Security 6 is final and it will be released tomorrow:

Any news on that?
Do we have an installer? >:-D ;D

What ? I just checked the page about an hour ago it was no updated ^^

Just checked it it seems to me that this is a bug, it’s beta2 changelog … IMO final is scheduled for Jan/Feb.

My beta 2 (.2626) has just upgraded to .2674 (9pm UK time 18 Dec 2012). BUT: It won’t update virus signatures. I’ve tried repeatedly on 2 different machines Win 7 x86 and Win 7 x64 (both SP1)

Anyone else having the same problem?


Just to clarify. The signatures are downloading in build 6.0.260739.2674 BUT they don’t install. Anyone else finding this?

If so, we should expect a new changelog tonight… final! :o

This is another clue:

I can confirm that Comodo Complete is still 5.12 version

I was about to make a party! But no LOL! Yeah it’s too soon… Maybe we will get RC soon but Comodo won’t do the final version for a while since they are all perfectionists… :slight_smile:

I just got a notification from the program updater of my CIS v6 mod’s beta (2666). It is December 19 here nor for 22 minutes.

We know from egemen that a month after release of v6 it will be distributed though the program updater. Everybody who wants to run it now should install it clean. We do not recommend taking your 5.x settings to v6 by importing them.

I am going to try to download it now.


This is version2674 announced as the final. It is 127 MB in size so it likely holds both the 64 and 32 bits versions.

I’m here. Is it BETA still or RC?

version from link: 6.0.260739.2674
signed by Comodo Security Solutions on 14. dec

So it is the final? :-\

Can someone pinch me? I mean it can’t be. What? When? How? LOL!

here’s a 30 day eval it stamped the same day but the file is slightly larger than the other link
i wonder what the difference is?I haven’t installed this one yet…details on this file indicate same version as link above but must something different.

it comes from here…

Installing this one on other PC Now…

I don’t know. But I had the beta installed on M CPU and it updated to the non beta version. When the update worked I was very surprised. Usually it would have an error saying it could not find these files. but it worked.

The 30 Day eval forces you to install the antivirus and the firewall together.
The other link to the premium lets you choose what components you want or not.
I cancelled the 30 day eval install since I use Avast! for antivirus and comodo for the firewall…



If this is true, I have to say it’s a bad idea… From everything I saw within the bug reports and member gripes about the interface, I think we’d need a few more betas, revisions, and user testing before it would be considered a finished product. I prefer an amazing product that took a bit more time to release than something half-baked that was rushed out the door before it was ready.

I Have to say i don’t have a complaint so’s some solid code for sure.
But you have to remember even products like 5 get updates and their released…Very Fast and the newly released Comodo Dragon browser is unreal it’s final is out too and it’s Version kiosk is so strong with the Comodo Dragon and the Secure DNS service with it, it’s Out of this world.At least to me…