COMODO Internet Security 6.0.260739.2674 final released "tomorrow" ?!

Incidentally I posted earlier I’d had problems installing signatures after the 2674 build.
No longer an issue. I uninstalled 6 beta 2 (.2626) on both machines. Reinstalled it and tried the update again. Works fine now.

problem when create rule, ip adress is not the same and impossible to enter it correctly

Yes, it is impossible to insert an address with more than one number lower than 100.
Strange bug.

Only 4 language in this version, where are the rest, man this is a RC version not a final 88)

i testing 2674 and…

same thing with XX39 beta

(clean W8x64, virtualbox)

well in that case you could try revo pro uninstaller to clean the everything out and try again. but its not the free the trial may work fine for you.
or you can use the attached utility thats not supported by Comodo. but they says its fine. sounds like you need to clean out and reinstall.I found the utility in these forums.

you can search the forums for the attached utility before if you like, if you don’t feel comfortable.


Or …wait until a mod has some advice.

[attachment deleted by admin]

thx for fast advice but i using clean w8x64 on virtualbox… i have nothing to uninstall :slight_smile:

maybe installator needs some libraries from MS Visual C++ … bleh :-TD

CIS 5 is very slow in “full PC” profile.
I hope v6 is very fast in “full PC”.

??? :o ???

same to me!

Anyone can confirm its the final release?Downloading right now ;D

i try install with Visual C++ 2010 and 2012 x64 x86 and still nothing :frowning:

CIS 6 install fine on XP. no complaints there . But it does ruin the response of the PC. Explorer takes forever to open and to browse in directories. CIS 5 was 20x faster than this on the same hardware and installation. Hope they fix this as this will be a show stopper.

Installed and updated fine under windows 7 32 bit.everything seems to work perfectly so slow down in web browser as mentioned above.thank you comodo :-TU

Scan is very slow (v5). So, I hope CIS 6 improves scanning speed.

It is now official: COMODO Internet Security 2013 v 6.0.260739.2674 released! . O0 (:KWL) (:NRD)

Windows 7 64bit, install was smooth, it is running great, no slow downs, no problems what so ever so far. Im impressed! I have finally found a keeper for my machine.

Everybody, please continue the conversation in the release topic. See my previous post.

I will lock this topic for the obvious reason.