COMODO Internet Security 5.8.213334.2131 Released!

Hi Guys,

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security 2012 has just been released!
This is the fastest, lightest and the strongest CIS that has ever been released.

We would like to thank all of our BETA testers whose feedback made this release possible.

What’s new in COMODO Internet Security 2012?

NEW! Simplified installation experience
NEW! Seamless integration with COMODO ESM 2.0 Business Edition
NEW! Enhanced protection mode: Defense+ is now stronger in 64 bit operating systems
NEW! New options for popup alerts and antivirus alerts
IMPROVED! Look and feel
IMPROVED! Resource consumption and performance
FIXED! Firewall does not work properly on Bluetooth PAN adapters
FIXED! Antivirus crashes on files that reside on bad sectors
FIXED! Various race conditions exploited by malware to evade Defense+
New in CIS 5.8.213334.2131
FIXED! CMC is not shown properly
FIXED! Startup folders are not configured for all users

Updated 10/20/2011: Program updates are released as of today.
Updating from CIS 5.5 to CIS 5.8
There will be a 2 stage updating mechanism for old users. The initial update will be updating the updater to the latest version which is capable of upgrading to CIS 5.8.

Updating from CIS 5.8.x.2124 to CIS 5.8.x.2131

If you have CIS 5.8.x.2124 installed, you will also receive a small update. Pls check the updated release notes for details.

Download Locations:

Free products:

COMODO Internet Security Premium

Size: 59M ( 61645824 )

COMODO Firewall

Size: 59M ( 61645096 )

COMODO Antivirus

Size: 59M ( 61646952 )

Paid products:

COMODO Internet Security Pro

Size: 59M ( 61645320 )

COMODO Internet Security Complete

Size: 108M ( 112881256 )

COMODO Antivirus Advanced

Size: 59M ( 61647840 )

COMODO Internet Security Plus

Size: 90M ( 93396992 )



edit: Ronny
edit2: typo. kail

This is 5.8 or 5.5? The title says 5.5 & the info down says 5.8.

I dont expect this kind of silly mistakes from the experts like you guyz.


Good you corrected the title.


Downloading now.

Great job, guys! :-TU

Congratulations! :-TU

BTW, is it CIS 2012 or CIS 5.8.211697.2124 ? >:-D
I can’t see 2012 anywhere in GUI.

I usually do fresh installs, but tried updating from the final beta which seemed to work perfectly.

I think I will keep this updated version for now.

I wonder how many people ran the betas and had no bugs to report like me. Very different from last year, so congratulations to all the staff who worked on 2012.

Good Job guys!
Updating now…

The worst release so far…
It blocks web traffic and browser (Google Chrome), blocks p2p connections even if I set exceptions for the port set it uses, and sandboxes programs without alerting. :-TD :-TD :-TD

Beta version was running very nice, you ■■■■■■■ things up now. >:(

Do you accept the possibility that the problem is in your PC and not in Comodo?
Uninstall CIS with Revo Uninstaller, restart the machine and then re-install CIS again…

Well done guys, downloading now! :slight_smile:

AV db download was lighting fast here!!
Rest seems to run fine here on an imported profile.

Beware you’ll miss added protection if you use your previous 5.5 profile on this one!!
There have been a bunch of additions to protected files/folders/com etc.

Hi Siketa,
Now we mention release name e.g, 2012 in paid products GUI only.

It seems, everything is related to “Enable enhanced protection mode” option under Defence+ settings. If I disable it, everything runs fine.

But, it’s a new version and I want all the features and the best possible protection. It seems I can’t get it …

Well done Comodo, all running well :-TU.

Even experts are human ;).

Please file a bug report, this is exactly the reason why this feature isn’t enabled in the current release.
It seems you hit an issue here.

If it’s stable to reproduce you might be a big help for others to get this issue fixed.

I’ve posted a bug report here:

If there’s anything I can provide there I’ll be eager to help :slight_smile:

You may consider to switch EPM temporarily off in case you use 32-bit OS…and from Bug report I see you do…

What’s a real differences btw [cis|cfw|cav]_installer.exe?

Just different command scripts to the installer to choose what is installed by default.
All Premium (Free) installers will have add and remove components function after install.

Great work ! Thanks . :slight_smile: