COMODO Internet Security 5.8.206694.2075 BETA Released!

Hello Everyone,

Here is the third BETA of CIS 5.8. It is probably the last BETA or RC.

What’s new in 5.8.206694.2075?

FIXED! Antivirus updates consumes huge memory
FIXED! Antivirus can crash on bad disk sectors
FIXED! HIPS can be bypassed by certain malware by exploiting trusted applications
FIXED! HIPS doesn’t catch certain screen capturing techniques
FIXED! HIPS doesn’t catch windows service modifications

There are many other small fixes in this release.

What needs to be tested?

The most important features of this BETA are related to HIPS and AV. So the most valuable bugs are the REPRODUCIBLE bugs which are related to system stability issues, compatibility issues, and crashes.

You are more than welcome to test all other features as well. Please if you observe BSODs, give us the memory dumps.

Bug Reports

Please use to report bugs.

Download Location:
Size: 59M ( 60979736 )

AWESOME! Going to give it a try very soon.

Congrats on new build.

Fresh installed, Win 7 x64

So far, So good. :-TU


just installed, running good so far.

Only annoying thing so far was Geekbuddy and LivePC being installed as well, do not remember seeing option to not install them.

Have since uninstalled Geekbuddy, as for LivePC not sure if it can be uninstalled. I hope Comodo will add opt-in to these in future to installer if theres not one as I did not see an option :frowning:

Apart from this latest is awesome, AV update was fastest yet, downloaded and applied like a whippet on steriods ;D

Keep up good work :slight_smile:

Installed and running top notch… And to AmieeLW I myself unistalled the live PC and its working ok for me…

to not install the extra stuff, when using the installer, select customize install and you will have all of the choices you want.

Thanks languy99, through I never saw a option for custom, but could have been my eyes I guess, maybe was to excited to install ;D ;D ;D

I’m really loving the circular progress meter during installation, I hope this stays as its refreshing and not boring compared to old boring progress bars :-TU :-TU :-TU

Congratulations with the new release. Some important fixes with this one. :-TU

Would love to see the extended list of what is fixed in this build.

I took two screenshots of the new installer.

[attachment deleted by admin]

congrats on the release

just noticed when doing a scan cmdagent.exe has a high numbe of page faults
it just keeps increasing until i pause the scan
is this normal?

the scan is about 4% in and has over 2.5 million page faults

A page “Fault” is poorly named… Every time a process looks for some data in ram, if its not there this is called a “Page Fault”. Windows then loads the page into RAM from your hard drive. It isnt an error at all. Its neccessary, theres no way u can load ur whole hard drive into ram. then u would never get a “page fault”.

makes sense. thanks for the explanation :-TU

Update went smoothly here. The update still add a Weekly Scan to my empty Scheduled Scans list! Annoying, but I can deal with it. It would be nice NOT to have to go through all of my settings every time I update just to be sure that nothing has been changed.

Other than that, good job guys! :-TU :-TU :-TU

@wasgij6: The maximium page faults I had was 219 during the first full scan, but will do more scans and see if I get same issue!

@ErichJH…I can see the custom install option in your screenshot…lol…thanks for posting the screenshots for everyone, now I feel like idiot for missing the option ;D ;D ;D

The blue GUI is sharp.

Running smoothly. Love the installer. Also the updater is very quick now.

Now that the update issues appear fixed, this is one of the lightest AVs I have seen. Low disk io, CPU, ram, handles, etc…

Great work guys!

Great news! Weekend is weekend now~

Good work… I am just downloading…

I will install and come back with my experiences…