COMODO Internet Security 4.0.141842.828

Hey Guys

You have made me a very happy chappy. This release allows me to have CIS with Pro Avtive on, D+ on safe mode, Firewall on safe, av statefull AND Sandbox enabled and with all these I get 340/340 on the leak test. Thanks for all the huge efforts that everyone has made to make this the best internet security suite available.

Will 3.14 users be able to update to this version using the updater or not ???

I doubt it, V4 was such a major release it’s best to do a clean install, I suggest using revo uninstaller set to medium to uninstall comodo and remove any leftover files/ registry keys.

Comodo has said that eventually the auto-update process will become available to upgrade 3.14.x to 4.x.

Good deal. This is how I have CIS setup (along with stealth port wizard changed) so it’s good to know that it’s lockdown now. 8)

Well, at least somebody was able to get the update! Mine says “cmdagent.exe: the file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.” Oh well! Maybe another case of announcing the update before the servers were ready?

i could able to update successfully but no change in CLT score…i still get 200/330 regardless of what setting i use for D+…

Maybe I celebrated too soon then. :frowning:

hmmm…lets wait for more inputs…

Anyone have any ideas why some are able to update and others not?

Proactive security, FW=custom policy mode, D+=safe mode,AV-stateful, SB=off gets a score of 340 easily, but i can’t get a decent score with sandbox enabled no matter if virtualization is enabled or not. weird.

Release notes are online:

What’s new in version 4.0.141842.828?

NEW! Standalone installers in addition to the web based installer
FIXED! ARP spoofing protection does not protect against certain attacks
FIXED! Automatically sandboxed applications can modify existing protected files under certain conditions
FIXED! Proxy authentication in updater settings does not work
IMPROVED! CIS is now available in 16 languages

The installers for 32 and 64 bits versions are for grabs at Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows .

Still can’t clear the logs [sigh]

Thanks for the update

I got the update and it says I need to do a full system scan even though a scheduled scan was done last night. Why is this? The scheduled scan was of the critical areas, not of the entire drive.

I got error message “Cfpupdate.exe : Error 0x80072ee2” while Updating by using CIS “Check for Updates”

To developers:

Excuse me for for being annoying, but since the old thread was locked
the announcement about 4.0.141842.828 is locked as well
and one of my questions was not answered I may ask again:

Can I assume that the will not be any updates/improvements to the pure Firewall v3.14 any more?

So I can just uncheck auto-update for the firewall on dozens of computers (XP 32bit & Win 7 x64) where just Comodo’s Firewall v3.14.latest is installed & working perfectly now?

I am not going to use v4 with so called Comodo “Sandbox” ever,
so I don’t want to get caught in situation where one of my users will click on update if that may accidentally bring v4 there… God forbid!

Thanks in advance

+1 for being able to clear the logs.

I also believe the additional tabs in the log viewer aren’t needed as only one tab can be viewed at any one time. That said, thanks for the update, especially fixing the proxy issue :-TU.


+1 :THNK (:NRD)

Seriously, could you, guys at Comodo, put yellow stickers on your monitors with text ‘I will test GUI apps against 120 DPI display issues’?!
I mean how many times can you make the same mistakes? Practically, every application you develop has some sort of issues with displaying GUI at 120 DPI.
Why those kind of issues aren’t caught with internal testing?

That being said, thanks for the new release.

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