COMODO Internet Security 4.0.141842.828

Yes, see Egemens post here:

So I can just uncheck auto-update for the firewall on dozens of computers (XP 32bit & Win 7 x64) where just Comodo's Firewall v3.14.latest is installed & working perfectly now?

Yes possible, but there could be an issue with ARP protection against some attacks as this is fixed in this release.

I feel for you. No one seems to have an ear for fixing deficiencies like this. Sigh :frowning:

Al (where’s the polish) Adric

Thanks for reply, Ronny

You can simply disable the automatic sandboxing or switch to Proactive or Firewall configuration if you need good old CIS3.x behavior and popups.
Unfortunately that is not the case and that is not all you have to do. I tested that and I don't want to have constant patches for pseudo-Sandbox that will never work properly and differently not properly for 32bit & x64
[b]Yes possible, but there could be an issue with ARP protection against some attacks as this is fixed in this release.[/b]
Not sure why that was posted in bold ???... You probably think I am a bit of a dumb ;) & cannot get it without additional highlighting? Anyway - please don't get it wrong - I'm fine with that one too

We’ll rather live with that than have ruined Firewall.
There is a separate protection from the particular one you mentioned, so we can use that if we are so “unfortunate”.

I do understand that Comodo is not as rich as “Little & Soft”,
and I am not a fan of the latter especially the way they developed two recent systems, which are just a joke, but they are providing essential security patches for “unsupported” XP until 2014.

No demands & complaints though …

Thanks for your time and thanks to Comodo developers for the Firewall until the latest v3.14

My regards

Does anyone know if new items to protect were included in default proactive config if compared with previous version 4…779 ?

Yes, but you can delete it manualy

close CIS
go to C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Firewall Pro
and remove cisdata.sdb and cislogs.sdb
re-start CIS

Well as I said everything is sensational on my machine but just did an update on my wife’s laptop and with the same settings as mine the best score i get is 170/340. Now testing with sandbox disabled and I get 160/340. My laptop is an acer aspire 5536 with Windows 7 ultimate (full blown version not update from vista) and my wife’s is a dell inspirion 1721. I run the same apps on both so there is very little difference in the configuration but obviously the hardware is somewhat different. I just tried mine again in case I was going mad or something and got 340/340. Also rebooted my wife’s laptop and tried again and got 160/340

Can any of the dev’s figure this one out as its got me totally stumped.

your help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks, I already posted this work-around when they released the RC a couple of months ago. we’re still waiting for a fix.

That was because I thought it would improve reading with all those quotes etc, nothing else, and certainly no harm intended.

We'll rather live with that than have ruined Firewall.
If you only use the Firewall, can you please explain what's wrong with the Firewall on V4? AFAIK there is not much changed in the codebase for FW except for the current ARP fix and a few adapters missing protections...

That’s the default score for Vista/Win7 running UAC and allowing CLT at UAC prompt.
If you wish better protection, try ProActive Security and see what turns up.

I agree with Siber. I’m very reluctant to move to V4; even if I only use the FW (no AV and no D+).

The point is: V4 looks so much of a Frankenstein that I fear the FW was somehow contaminated by all those pieces put together hastily.

Very Important Fix for me…
But I’m waiting feedback before to activate Sandbox…

+1 I felt the same thing v4 does look like a Frankenstein with sandboxes along with this new platform, and I believe Comodo should have sandboxes turn off automatically during the installation and Comodo still have a long way to improved this new feature with sandboxes added to the CIS.

If you don’t mind me asking why can’t sandboxes become a standalone option within the CIS just like they did this with a firewall and anti-virus. ???

Edited: I think sandboxes should remain in the beta stage before it becomes a final release.

Only 3 bugs fixed in such a long time? 88)

I don’t understand… Why such a low score for the default settings? Isn’t that a bad thing?

What you don’t see is what you also get :o :wink:

I think there’s been a communication error somewhere. The download sites have started to make the new version available but it’s mislabeled as 4.0.141842. (missing the 828) Also the sizes are different. Filehippo is running at 60MBb (includes live support) Majorgeeks is 41MB, which is the same as the comodo direct links.

Bit of a dogs dinner all round really.

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