COMODO Internet Security 3.5 BETA Feedback [CLOSED]

Found a bug

The program refuses to install on Server 2003 workstations, this is hardcoded into the installer.

I understand the wish to sell corporate products but many students have a server2003 workstation through school.
These are officialy licenced windows installs and we are not on a managened network (just single pc at home or in the dorm)

There is no point in blocking Server 2003 or Server 2008 because on a real server, because of the lack of user interaction. Admins can’t be bothered to log into their servers because CFP gave a pop-up and blocked something.

It does require extra work. Hence we limited it. Money was not the issue on this occasion. In future we might support it.

Could you give more details on this? CFP 2.4 worked perfectly on server2003.
This may be over simplified. But the only difference between XP and 2003 is the memory manager and the windows id. Other than that they’re exactly the same.(2003 does has optional software called server-roles)

That memory manager is included in SP3, any problems you might have encountered with 2003 in the past should also show its face in SP3.

It gets even better, XP64 = Server2003 64, their exactly the same, just a different windows ID(and missing the optional server roles)

As you can see there cannot be bugs in the server2003 that are not also in XP sp3 or XP64

Melih this disccusion was moved, but your posts where not included.

Would you care to respond?

I tried to install CIS 3.5 Beta on 2 Vista Ultimate SP1 32 bit machines. It would not install from normal startup mode. It got to the “Installing SafeSurf Toolbar” on the progression bar and just stopped. It just stopped and would not continue the install to completion. I rebooted the computer into Safe Mode and started the CIS installation again. The installation began from scratch in Safe Mode and went smoothly after that. It completed and asked if I wanted to do a full scan of the computer.

The security software I have installed is BOClean and Memory Firewall, along with SpywareBlaster. I remember with the first few versions of Comodo Firewall Pro, I had to run the installation from Safe Mode to get it to install correctly. System Status would show a red circle with an X inside if I installed it from normal startup. If installed from Safe Mode, System Status would show a green circle with a checkmark. This installation problem with CFP was solved with one of the last versions.

But the CIS installation simply won’t complete at all from normal startup mode on my 2 Vista Ultimate machines. I successfully installed it from normal startup mode on a Windows XP SP3 Sony laptop without any problem.

Sure np…

2003 will require us to fork a different development team for it. We know what is needed for it and it will require a different team to create a different build for 2003 which we didn’t want to do right now. v2 was not as sophisticated as v3. V3 is a true anti malware solution that controls the heart of the OS!


Do you have any idea when it will be available, weeks? months years?
It really sucks to not be able to use a newer version than 2.4

sorry i don’t have one :frowning:


I am really impress Melih with what the team have achieved in this release I was going to wait for CIS to be out of Beta before I install it on Vista desktop, but it is so stable on XP with one minor problems reguarding virus updates already reported.
The only thing that bothers me is there is no quarantine option in the antivirus and delete is ticked by default.
Great work :BNC
Best wishes to you and all the team. :■■■■

CIS is running Perfectly on my PRODUCTION Machine…

Comodo… THE BEST!


Hello people,

Running COMODO IS on Vista Home Prem SP1. Running flawlessly. Only one concern. Scanning my pc does not use any resource at all! My first guess: COMODO made an excellent job!!!

Congrats! (L)

Strange. Scanning the PC Brings Memory higher and higher… It’s been fixed anyway.


Any idea when the fix will be released I have to reboot after the scan normal around 300mb after scan 900mb+

Yes, this memory leak is pretty much annoyng, after manual scanning computer becomes useless (and it is strong rig with 4GB of RAM, etc) so I had to reboot.

Hi all,

CIS is great!!!



I am Currently Running CIS And Loving It Major Props To Melih And The Entire Comodo Team
I have One Thing To point Out About CIS Their Is No Way To Right Click A Single File And Scan It Which I THink Is Huge Not To have Apart Of The CIS Package. a SCAN WITH CAVS Should Be In The Context Menu Of Windows.
Its Always Nice To have That Feature…


this has been asked in the wish list numerous times and will be added.


yep… we don’t like run away memory! there should be a new beta hopefully next week with fixes…


I assume it will be fixed in Next week’s beta.


Thanks that would be great. :■■■■