COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53518.419 RC2 Released [CLOSED]

Switch to Installation Mode (long wait) has been fixed also. :-TU


where from download Comodo Internet Security 3.5.53518.419 RC2 ?

How about reading this thread? ???

Thanks Comodo Dev team and Melih, internal update from RC1 to RC2 flawless and running perfectly!
Good work!
Regards and cheers :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

RC2 installed without flaw and runs well. Just what we’ve come to expect from COMODO. Thanks to the entire team. Regards Jim

Nice clean install here, runs good.
Some good fixes in this one including the

  • Firewall log export loses protocol information :slight_smile:

Is it normal to be forced to use the “Import As” function rather than just “Import” function in order to successfully load the previous saved config ???

This is my 1st post on this forum. Initially, congrats to the Comodo team. I love the idea of this Security Suite. A previous poster has stated that his computer is slower than in comparison than OA3. I too have migrated from Online Armour and would support his comment, whilst acknowledging that the memory footprint of CIS is very low.
May I ask that in the default scanner settings (realtime, manual & scheduled), the virus defs are set to auto update. Does this mean that every time in realtime scanning (file to file…page to page), that the virus defs are continually updating? This may be a reason for any slowdowns etc.
I can confirm that CIS is still being selective (occassionally not scanning) when manually scanning some files via the Windows Explorer integration.
I am certainly no expert, but I thought i would like to contribute.

Many thanks
XP SP3…CIS (Firewall not installed)…Windows Firewall

 Congratulations to the Comodo team for the new release.  Great work with the bug fixes!  :-TU  Thanks for fixing the GUI bug I reported (yellow tooltip cutoff)!


Before you do a manual scan, By default the AV checks for updates. EDIT: It also might be this bug reported by BTJustice currently still in RC2:


Maybe I missed the proper topic yesterday with my post. I made only fast check yet. And it seems to be working. (:CLP) Thanks to the staff and my personal thank to Ronny who initiated the first answer about the issue and the possibility of solution.

G’day and welcome to the forums.

Disabling the auto-update for realtime scanning does improve overall speed.

Many thanks for the input.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That indicates that the “check for update” routine is called to often on access ?
How did you “measure” this Ewen ?

Yes, logging is finally working in Czech Windows and the GUI isn’t freezing anymore when changing D+ sec. level (:CLP).

Running RC2 now. At some point when it asked me to submit files I said “Yes” and “Remember my answer”. Now how do I revert that? Or is that impossible and should I file a bug report?

That’s not a bug. That can be toggled in Miscellaneous - Settings - Update - auto submit

Thanks, not the most intuitive place to hide that option though :slight_smile:

I know. It’s not obvious at all. I had to explore around.

everything fine for me so far ;D

Thanks for the advices and help.