COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53518.419 RC2 Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53518.419 RC2 for download.

Whats New in RC2?

FIXED! BSOD when virtual drives with mounted Windows Image(*.wim) files browsed
FIXED! Firewall rarely detects the wrong application
FIXED! Right Click Scanner does not detect malware
FIXED! Right Click Scanner hangs while scanning empty folders
FIXED! Manual scanner does not detect malware if an old configuration is imported and used
FIXED! Logging does not work under some non-english operating systems

We have also fixed many small bugs in this release.

Known Issues:

  • Automatic updating before manual scanning is inactive
  • AV scanner might stop functioning when certain files are scanned

This product is a BETA product intended for BETA testers. Please do not use it in a production environment.

32-bit Setup

Size: 24.3 MB (25,502,464 bytes)
MD5: 8ecbb373074b5ec4f6fbbe3f12364214
SHA1: 128f804b5d395a6d1a49452e2491b8e5ec6b8639

64-bit Setup

Size: 39.6 MB (41,591,552 bytes)
MD5: 3eef8a341be45f3efaeca4dd77839bd9
SHA1: 8c9f67b4acd73b85dfefb1232083def7e2645e9b

Please post your bugreports in [url=]COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53518.419 RC2 Bug Reports[/url] Topic. Standalone bugreport topics will be merged


another quick release :slight_smile: nice work guys (M)

Installed with only one issue. Internet link did not work after first reboot; no icon and no connection. A second boot fixed it; no other issues so far.

rc-2 keeps saying there are more updates, but when i update nothing happens, and soon after it says i have updates again :stuck_out_tongue:

Notified, updated, and installed perfectly!

This RC 2 seems to allow an Exit without crashing & wanting to generate an error report.

I still really like this program for the ease of turning off nearly everything (except for one service) when I choose to play a game with no internet connection. AVG and most others insist on leaving multiple running programs at all times.

Nicely done!

Updated perfectly through the internal updater. Great work. :-TU


mine still keeps saying updates are available, even though there aern’t, says ‘updated’ then repeats :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: clean install fixed it, anyone updating through the program, try running the built in upgrader, it should give you 1 upgrade requiring a restart(after you’ve already upgraded to rc2), and then run it after and it should continue to say updates available, install them, run again, updates again etc etc

that or my computer hated me for a little bit :slight_smile:

Internal update. All working well. No glitches.

Thanks Dev. team


waiting to install in vista ultimate x64…lol
but couldnt be happier with rc1 right with a home premium…lol
thanks to all the devs in comodo… (:CLP)

Now all wait for a final next Thursday!! (:KWL)



Nice! ;D

- AV scanner might stop functioning when certain files are scanned
FIXED! Right Click Scanner does not detect malware
FIXED! Right Click Scanner hangs while scanning empty folders


Keep up the good work! :P0l


The updater in RC1 worked perfectly in updating everything to RC2 (:CLP)

Thanks a lot Comodo. CIS is getting better and better. :-TU

Well done guys, and many thanks for your efforts…

Thanks to Comodo Team for the new RC version.


Update from CR1 to CR2
worked perfectly!, good work Comodo

I did a clean install of RC2, removed RC1 and before I installed RC2 I also removed that junction I used to get logging working.

Finally it seems that logging is working also on czech windows. Thanks! :slight_smile:
(but you took your time…)
thx again.

Well, Atleast nowit’s not a problem!



But still I am waiting impatiently for confirmation from other czech users in this forum (firebit, khagaroth).
just to be sure.

WFM now. :wink: