COMODO Internet Security 3.5.52396.411 BETA 3 Released [CLOSED]

Hi All,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.5.52396.411 BETA(BETA3)

This version addresses many smal bugs and other user-transparent bugs existing in the previous BETAs.

This product is a BETA product intended for BETA testers. Please do not use it in a production environment.

32-Bit Setup

Size: 22.3 MB (23,431,936 bytes)
MD5: f2f08abdfc423271edbf6d13490a1ee2
SHA1: c54bc395ea04be0be9b9639d56439402200af180

64-Bit Setup

Size: 36.8 MB (38,682,880 bytes)
MD5: 27f7555f94a983f2d725ecb1d720b720
SHA1: 0859307e715dae76d243d27e8fe3c0b141d7a117


Please post your bugreports in [url=]COMODO Internet Security Beta 3 Bug Reports[/url] Topic. Standalone bugreport topics will be merged

Thanks a lot! Will try it out now…



Thanks Comodo for the CIS update, changelog on fixed bugs would be helpful :-TU (:CLP)
Xman (:KWL)

how sweet it is


I only have it on my VM, so powering it up now.

you dont need VM its running very smooth.

Thank you for v411.


EDIT: Both ways of upgrading: “Check for updates” and/or running “CIS_Setup_3.5.52396.411_XP_Vista_x32_BETA.exe” are saying that the files are not signed by COMODO, error 119. SHOULD I PROCEED AND INSTALL? (Downloaded from here…)

EDIT 2: NEVERMIND… I did installed CIS v411 anyway. CIS is working and it seems good.

Well I have Avast! on my normal machine because it find viruses better than CAV, but I have CIS on my VM for testing malware, and submitting it to Comodo (although I haven’t found any bad things yet, except the virus I know is there but Comodo isn’t detecting it and I can’t find it. (:AGY) At least it’s not on my real machine…)

:■■■■ (:LOV) :BNC
I have installed CIS Beta 3 on all 3 of our Vista machines. It continues to work smoothly without ANY bugs that I know of. Actually I have been running CIS ever since Beta 1 came out and have not encountered any bugs at all. I also am running CIS Beta 3 on an XP SP3 machine and haven’t had any problems on it either. It is very stable on all the machines. I have not tried any virus or trojan detection with it, but as long as it prevents viruses, trojans, rootkits, and malware from executing on my machines, that is all I care about. I have done weekly AV scans and nothing has been detected, so I have to assume that it is doing what it is supposed to be doing - protecting my computers. This is well on its way to being a really great product. I am guessing that you will have a Release Candidate in a couple of weeks and go gold code in a couple of weeks after that, maybe by the end of October. Kudos to your development team! Keep up the good work.

Very fast guys!.. your throwing out new versions before I get settled down with the last one :slight_smile:

Wow! thank COMODO team i will try this beta 3 on my computer :BNC

Keep up the good work.

  • Changing description or port only doesn’t take any effect [link]; FIXED :slight_smile:

Thanks (:CLP)

Downloading now… testing later :wink:

When we will see Threat Cast again?
I think it’s very important so that novice users can profit more from D+.

Working well on both my computers using less ram about 30mb on Vista. :BNC

+1 on that, I’m anxious to see it again also, great tool! :-TU
Xman (:KWL)

The automatic updater worked well, it updated before I read about it. (:CLP)