COMODO Internet Security 3.11.108364.552 Released

I had a similar experience. And I agree that the link needs to lead here, not to the Comodo Home Page or somewhere else where the information may not be up to the minute.

I had the firewall already installed. I got the update notice through the program updater window (I run manual updates). Next to the notice that there is an update available was a blue link asking if I wanted to see the new release notes before applying the update. I did not click on that link, but it might have led to the current release notes, wherever they were first posted. I simply allowed the update, rebooted, then went straight here to this forum for the best chance of getting the current information on the update. And here the thread was, with a little searching.

Whenever I update any security program, if the program does not list the changes, I go to the web site. If the web site is not up to date, I check for a Forum and go there.

Suggestion: The Program link should lead to the most recent information – in this case, this Forum Thread – not to the Comodo Home Page or anywhere else which may not be as up to date. Very simple to do for those of us who are not reinstalling CIS and are not first-time users.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, Switch to “Proactive Security” Configuration, By right clicking the CIS tray icon and choosing “Configuration”. Alternatively, you can navigate via CIS main GUI Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Activate COMODO - Proactive Security
  2. Make sure Firewall is set to “Safe Mode”, Defense+ is set to “Clean PC Mode”

Does the above apply if you are only using the firewall part CIS ?

Somewhere i have asked this question.
The reply is “Yes”…
I think if you follow the thread by Josh you will find it.

Ok thanks. I read his thread and thought that all those settings were if you are installing the full CIS suite including antivirus. When installing just the firewall part the default configuration is COMODO - Firewall security …not Proactive security.

[i]OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM (MSDN)

UpTime: 09:54


CIS: 3.11.108364.552

torrent files: 1

audio/video snagging: Y-Y-Y-E-ES~ YES

DPC Latency: Max- 157948 ~ Current - 14585 ~~~ PRICELESS ~~~[/i]

The lead developer posted this for 3.10… as it’s not in the release notes it’s not fixed.

How about adding a ‘Known Issues’ list to the release notes? This is a major limitation of the software and not some typo in GUI. Such a list would allow to avoid posting the same bugs over and over again and also it would make people aware of what they might be forced to deal with by installing CIS on Windows NT 6.1 and above operating systems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using CIS for a long time and I’m still going to do so, but hiding bugs is not ‘Creating Trust Online’.


Downloaded the recently released update, only to find problems after doing so.

  • Trusted Software Vendors are no longer listed, yet pre-update over 50 Vendors were in my list
  • ALL my Own Safe List Files are gone
  • after updating, a New Network was found… however it does not appear in the 'My Network Zones"
  • in the Network Security Policy’s listings, the list has been greatly reduced

Backup if you can before downloading this release. I thought nothing of it, as a result of problems at hand unclear of how to rectify; but maybe my input will aide others not to be faced with these after results.

Hello BZTent,

Thanks for signing up and posting this… can you tell us a bit more about the previous version you where running and what settings you changed etc ?

The installer doesn’t seem to work properly on XP x64 edition, the firewall won’t start after rebooting (clean install in VM). I installed the firewall only (No AV, D+ or threatcast), other security software:
Avast AV
Spybot S&D
Windows Defender

Running the repair utility fixes the problem though.

Edit: Just did a test using the same install image except for reverting back to version 3.10.102363.531, the problem does not exist with that older version.

Great new version! :-TU (:CLP) (V)
And the updates…under 2 minutes for the whole DB. :-TU

It is not very easy to get signature database update after install this new release. I try 3 days, and never get success. Looking at current connection under firewall tag, byte in source IP and hang at around 547kb, then stop byte in. don’t know why.

Please try a clean install and try again. When the problem persists start a topic in Anti virus Help and we will try to solve it.

Are you on dial up? If so next time use the following trick:

??? Just got the update 3.11.108364.552 but safe surf is still on my toolbar. I thought this was to go away with the introduction of bio clean? Thought it was to be replaced with hop surf? Safe surf disappeared from my desktop on the last update.

Safe Surf should be gone by now. When it is still around you should uninstall it. The memory firewall is now integrated in CIS and having both of them work together can cause problems.

Instead of Safe Surf there now is the optional Hop Surf toolbar which has a search field for Ask.

BOClean is also integrated in CIS.

Sorry to hear others are having a problem with the speed of the update.
Mine was a snap, and I have the slowest (read: cheapest) DSL from my ISP. No problems after a day’s use.
Thanks, Comodo!

Thanks, I use wireless connection. Now I change to line connection. It improves a lots.

Recent update gave me a “come back” of the issue I had with a previous version of CIS - terribly delayed windows startup and resources usage (at startup)

Please refer to the last posts and not to the topic title.