COMODO Internet Security 3.11.108364.552 Released

Hi Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.11.108364.552. This is a maintanence release which addresses some of the bugs existing in the previous releases outlined as below:

What’s New in 3.11.108364.552?

IMPROVED! Memory scanner now includes more advanced techniques to detect viruses in memory
FIXED! AV consumes huge memory while scanning some compressed files
FIXED! AV reports incorrent archive names under some circumstances
FIXED! AV causes freezes in 64 bit operating systems under certain conditions
FIXED! AV crashes while scanning certain packed files
FIXED! Some windows updates can not be installed while CIS is installed

Download Locations:

32 Bit Setup
Size: 39M ( 40493328 )
MD5: 543567c36f5629ece2c64b1842c0d582
SHA1: 31baba2476c2843cc525d7dcf5d32eb54cdfd582

64 Bit Setup
Size: 42M ( 43249424 )
MD5: 39e663f4af7083a95620d9e13c37492c
SHA1: 76b1652e9bab608abf67d154619f1fa7350542c1

If you already have a previous version of CIS installed, you should be receiving the updates shortly.


So it is a release primarily intended to fix bugs in the AV module and not in the FW/Defense+ modules?
Anyway do you recommend updating also for those that don’t use the embedded AV?


Yes. Please update whether you use AV or not.

Has the problem of Threatcast tab missing on Vista installations been solved with this release?

Running Windows7 RTM like sunshine, and the packed file bug is fixed :smiley:

Congratulation with the new release.(:CLP) :■■■■

Could you elaborate some more on:

IMPROVED! Memory scanner now includes more advanced techniques to detect viruses in memory
Just curious here......(:NRD)

The installer is much smaller than the previous one; approx 38 MB this time. Is that because AV definitions are much smaller?

Nope. AV will be updated after the first reboot. So the initial definitions file is small.

Updated 3.10 to 3.11 with no probleme.

Many thanks for this build.

egemen, can you tell whether these bugs were fixed?
block by hostname bug
“block unknown requests if application is closed” bug
D+ is bypassed by primitive batch “virus”

Has this problem been fixed?

Has also the huge DNS-lookups fixed?


Please check the release notes. There are no fixes other than those listed in the release notes.

Nice changelog, i will try the new release tonight/tomorrow.

Nice ;D

Thanks for update… Ahh can we get some more info into “IMPROVED! Memory scanner now includes more advanced techniques to detect viruses in memory” is to detect just viruses or malware overall?


It is about some improvements on BOClean integration. Too much detailed to describe here.

very bad news for low speed Internet connection users. The first update should take a long, long time… :frowning:

But if I’m correct you won’t have to re-download the database if you run the pre-scan with this version…

I know this isnt in the release not but my comodo firewall is actually functioning better and doing things it hasnt done before that maybe it should of. I had an update about to run and it asked how do I want to treat this, of course I put updater but this is the first time it asked me if I wanted to switch to installation mode. It just seems to run allot smoother now.

I did want to mention that when it updated it mentioned the month of July and its almost September.

I do want to thank everyone at Comodo for giving the pubic a great free firewall. Thank you

:ilovecomodo: Thank you Comodo for this new release :ilovecomodo:

Try me…bring it on… ;D