Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.2.8124 BETA

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I misinterpreted the sentence: “Anyway, that’s enough, as you were…”.

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There is another forum topic that addresses this topic…

ici : Blocking websites isn’t working - Comodo Internet Security - CIS / Firewall Help - CIS - Comodo Forum

Despite only 6.8 points out of ten. This is certainly due to the antivirus:

Updated on: February 6, 2024
Comodo’s antivirus is disappointing.


Ranked 41st out of 74 antiviruses

CONCLUSION (translated from German to English with google translater):

Comodo deserves praise for more than just its user-friendly design. Its basic and advanced antivirus products offer robust cloud-based protection against viruses and malware, and its Auto Sandbox technology works fantastically well. I also give their support team top marks for responsiveness and knowledge.

I don’t trust this:

“(Norton and other competitors like McAfee, Bitdefender and Avira regularly detect 100% of malware samples in our tests).”

I’ve tested these programs too, and they leave a lot out too. It’s easier for a blogger to go with the flow. There’s also compensation for product placement.

You only have to go to regularly to see that this 100% story doesn’t hold water. Give it a try and you’ll see!

None of them has 100%, that’s not true!

Take 10 really nasty URLs, then look at the files shared by these sites and their analysis results.
You’ll be surprised…

Nobody is perfect. I can’t think of one that is, and not all of them have the containment technique. Comodo yes.

For me, Comodo CIS 2025 can be by far the best in detection, if it increases its antiviral base with Valkyrie returns and also harmful behavioral returns blocked by HIPS and containment, as well as the rest and reporting to the team.

Every time Comodo CIS blocks a behavior on a PC around the world that seeks to harm the PC or the user’s data, this behavior is passed on to a robot, which, if it doesn’t identify it as a threat already listed, immediately proposes it to the antivirus team for addition to the database.

That way the debate will be over, and Comodo CIS will have the place it deserves.

However, I know what Melih said, and that there’s no point in having such a complete base with Comodo, because it blocks everything.

But it’s commercially necessary. Top testing and praise will mean more customers, and therefore more money for research and development.

Well, I’m repeating myself, but I think the message is getting through.

Thanks to all those who have the patience to wait for the new CIS 2025.

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“It found 93% of malware samples, including those missed by rapid analysis. But that’s still a long way from a 100% detection rate.”

Comodo Antivirus Review 2024 — Is It Any Good? 1 (

Also, it’s all in the deliberately pejorative vocabulary.

According to the interpretation 93% is not very far from 100%. (We could also say that it is a score of more than 9/10…). Especially if we know that in real life, no one really has 100%.

What matters is blocking the remaining 7%.

Internationally, there have been hundreds of hospitals hacked. It would be cool if someone said: “No hospital in the world has been hacked with my product”. Nobody does it.

So, 100% doesn’t exist.

I only see Comodo who could say that.

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“Bitdefender is highly customizable” (compared to Comodo CIS)! !

Let me laugh! :smile: :smile: :smile: :laughing:

No software on the market is more configurable than Comodo!
And especially not Bitdefender

It would be worth Comodo’s lawyers calling to ask how she got to this point!

In short, this test is not serious!

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On the PC where I am testing the beta, I’m trying to open a browser in container and it takes a few minutes to do it. I don’t know if this is a software bug or my computer acting weird.
The browser which I was trying to open is Brave, any other program I have is running immediately, so it has something to do with the Brave Browser.

I don’t know Bitdefender.
Perhaps this statement refers to the average user who is not concerned with settings, especially those in comodo.
In another test I recently read that screenshots of malware are possible in secure shopping. Do you know anything about it?

From the image

Based on the obtained telemetry data, we confirm that CIS Pro has not once exposed the operating system or data on a hard drive to ptential leaks dur to running malware on the test system.

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Regarding the beta test:

I set Comodo CIS to update every hour.

We see here mentioned “03 hours”.

You may think that something is not working.

Suggestion :

For version 2025: even if there was nothing to download, it might be better to mention the last time he logged in, rather than the last time he found something to download .

This way we would know that the update function is going correctly as expected.

Indeed, for me too, Brave takes a very long time to open…

After 12 minutes, Brave still hasn’t opened…

I therefore consider that there is a problem…

Even worse:

To compare, I decide to launch Firefox in virtual mode. Astonishment, no green borders around it… (It’s already open as normal, by the way)
however, a new profile has been created here:

New tests with other browsers:
Basilik: Immediate, no green border
Internet Explorer: no startup
Norton Browser: very fast, no green border
Opera: very fast, no border
Midori: Very fast, no green border
In short… no green border
As you can see below, it’s strange: it’s as if virtualization needed my authorization… Is it in the blocked applications?
I’ve got a lot of work to do this afternoon, so there’s absolutely no time to look into the problem right now.

So, to answer the question: at home, Brave doesn’t launch at all in virtualized mode.

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Here’s a small list of problems from the beta that I’ve referenced below:

Comodo CIS 2024 beta no longer responding

An untrusted certificate problem is detected by an Nvidia application (Omniverse), but not by Comodo CIS 2024.

Is Comodo CIS 2024 Beta able to account for WinSock alterations?

Comodo CIS 2024 configuration deletion fails

Comodo CIS 2024 beta no longer recognizes the Windows operating system

The icons normally present here have disappeared:

Completely useless ARP alerts on local networks (within 24 hours)

Unable to whitelist ARP protocol for local network or specific IP addresses

Waiting time far too long in 2024, a waiting animation would be desirable (please)

What is it?
No application name, no publisher’s name, just empty space.
Impossible to give a rating as a result!
No SHA1 or MD5?

Only one application left here
Or that there’s no connection, while I’m surfing and downloading and listening to streaming music…

That’s all for today! :wave: :man_in_lotus_position:

Oh, I forgot… :man_in_lotus_position:

Still on the subject of beta 2025.

When adding exclusions, via a folder to exclude, it would be nice if you could fill in a path by pasting it in, for example.

What’s more, there’s no mention of whether sub-folders are affected.

It would be great to be able to check a box allowing sub-folders to be included. (Many thanks in advance)

For me only brave behaves like this, but when it opens it does with the green border. Also I cannot confirm this bug, everything I open, does open with the green border.
I am using a different interface which displays the widget correctly.
Networks intrusions are not buggy, I always have 5000 after a couple of hours because I manually block dozens of apps.

I tried again to see if I had the same problem as you with launching the Brave browser in “virtual” mode.

It doesn’t launch at all.

The other browsers lace up without a problem, but they’re not virtualized!

However, the Comodo CIS diagnosis is good, it doesn’t mention any problem.

I don’t understand why I have to unblock virtkiosk.exe from Comodo in HIPS?
On the one hand, it’s dangerous, because how do I know whether I’m only unblocking its launch or the launch of all virtualization or containment?

On the other hand, I don’t understand why Comodo has to be unlocked by Comodo itself?
Someone is going to tell me that it’s most certainly my fault and the rules I’ve written into the configuration, but, in advance, I’m saying that I don’t think it should be possible to create rules that prevent the software itself from working properly.

This should be corrected in the Comodo CIS 2025 version too.

PS: it runs like this non-stop, but the virtual desktop never arrives.

PS 2: No other security software is running at the time of testing.

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Am I dreaming, or has Malwarebytes bought out Comodo Xcitium?

The subject has been moved here:
Malwarebytes Comodo Xcitium EDR - Comodo Forum

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It loaded in 5 seconds, although Dragon is not installed.

No problem to run Brave in
virtuell mode
secure shopping
virtuell desktop

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Thanks Prodex!

Comodo CIS had lost the configuration again and again, hence the problems.

If there’s one thing that would make me abandon Comodo CIS, it’s the redundant loss of custom configuration.

I find this unacceptable in security software!

A fresh Windows installation should be saved and restored before testing various protection software. This is the only way to guarantee normal operation, without any problems caused by residues.

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Systems are behaving differently indeed, just a little change in the hardware / software config, could impact how Comodo behaves as well. Amazing!

It makes me happy to read that… :laughing: :laughing:
Because since October, I’m on my 8th Windows installation, just to be able to properly test the Comodo CIS 2024 beta!
4 in Windows 10
3 in Windows 11
and unfortunately, 1 in Windows 10 upgraded to Windows 11.
This doesn’t change the problems encountered.
In fact, I’m encountering the same kind of difficulties as those described here:

Time to say goodbye to Xcitium - General Announcements - Xcitium Forum (I feel concerned by what he says)
Except… me… I’m still here…