Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

So, according to you, the attack I received from a third party who entered my PC from the outside, without using any program inside my PC, I dreamed it?

Nanto01 is unfortunately right…

You really are the nicest boss in the cybersecurity space!

You also don’t know where your developers’ progress is and you quietly give them time to finish their project.

that’s really cool!

If everyone could be like that!

Notice to young graduates from new cyber engineering schools: This is where you should apply!

At least, at Comodo there is an entrepreneurial spirit worthy of the name!

If you stop by their office, please offer them a coffee from us :slight_smile:

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Interesting. So someone bypassed / hacked your NAT network router, infiltrated your PC with no firewall alerts, dropped and successfully executed malware all while CIS/CF was installed? Which elements of your PC were infected? What is your CIS/CF configuration?

If you can provide evidence then it can be investigated further.

Me too… I would like a thorough investigation…

But… sorry, no proof, just that since I didn’t come back to the forum, I spent my time trying to correct the problem and had to format and reinstall Windows.

Most of my traffic went through a VPN.

Are you sure that CIS 2024 filters VPN traffic?

I would love to help you, as usual, but, unfortunately, I had to uninstall, format and reinstall Windows.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t very pleasant. But, hey, this NEVER happened with the official, non-beta CIS. At one point, here, I reported that I had connections going to Russia, but no one reacted at that time.

I have two questions about this:

  1. Would Comodo CIs see an “attack” via a BIOS flaw?

  2. Is Comodo CIS based containment system on Microsoft Silverlight? I know at one point that was the case, right?
    But since development of Silverlight stopped, has it been replaced by more secure technology?

I did a low level erase of my disks and as a result… Bitlocker hardware no longer works at all despite several days of trying…

So I’m not very happy.

But, it’s the game, since I wanted to participate in the beta test…

I hope at least that the feedback from my telemetry will have been useful :-))

Melih is no longer Comodo boss and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t know what CIS developers are doing because it’s not his business anymore.
Despite Melih asking for more CIS development status insight we didn’t hear anything yet.

There is a known issue with CIS/CF filtering VPN traffic with some VPN adapters.

I referenced this in a reply to the devs at end of last year: when installed CIS/CF adds the firewall driver to your network adapters but this doesn’t seem to work with some adapter types and something that they are apparently working on.

I don’t have knowledge regarding BIOS but @ilgaz and @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT should be able to provide further information / assistance.

Wherever the malware came from, it should have been block/contained by CIS/CF as soon as it was saved to disk/ram or accessed.

What configuration were you using?

One year or so, I said more or less this:

  • I do not understand why the company not ask for ±5$ for each download (what are free in past)!
  • the paid comodo must be more efficient and/or more options and pay what others pay …

So, if they do it (all paid comodo version), and the Boos pay some people to improve the new version and solve the bugs…

I m like this person
" domo78


I used the paid version for several years. I saw this gesture as donate to the support.

When the visibility of CIS’s future became zero, I stopped. Since then, I’ve been using the free version 8012.

If a new stable version comes out, I’ll start using the paid version again.

If there’s no stable version by June, I’ll switch to another solution."

Totally agree… most… I do not know if I expect to June, because my renew is before . I am going to put an alert to do that.

Thanks for the info CisFan :slight_smile:

Who are the current shareholders?

And the distribution of these to the capital,
I couldn’t find anything online.

I wouldn’t like it to be an investment fund ready to sell to Norton in two years…

Neither Russian or Ukrainian shareholders…

I only take security products that are in NATO :wink: :guardsman:

I too paid for years to support… Then I saw that there are millionaires in Capital… :smile:

Thank you for your interest EricCryptid :slight_smile:

I went back into my Bios and saw that things had changed without my knowledge, such as the system booting over the network.

When I left my PC on standby in the evening, in the morning it was on.

Something automatically brought him out of sleep.

In short, I updated the BIOS to the latest version, because the previous one had vulnerabilities.

There are therefore several avenues and I didn’t have enough time to find out more.

Gigabyte Aorus X507 Ultra - Win 11 Pro

Until next time, this week I have work to the limit! :wave: :vulcan_salute:

Is it just me but strange it only appears to work with Firefox and Comodo stopped updating their Firefox based browser nearly 5 years ago but have kept up the Chrome based one :thinking:

It’s also strange that there has been no replies from C.O.M.O.D.O_RT for nearly a month now.

I have noticed that if i use BOINC manager from the BERKELEY institute it works like a trojan it downlodas viruses and cryptocureency stealing and all that from the official website download

maybe XCITIUM_RT took a break and needs some rest

The old forum was a crowded city with lots of user traffic many years ago. The new forum looks like a ghost town…

Well, a lot of things happened since 2011, and dropping projects plus not updating CIS had a huge impact too.

Hi ioannis210

Has Comodo CIS stopped the connection to this BERKELEY institute page, or the Boinc software or the malware that it downloads?

Personally, I wanted to test regCool and I connected to this page Information RegCool to download it with this link:

This action has not been blocked by Comodo CIS.

On the other hand, it was done by Malwarebytes.

It’s good to always repeat the same lietmotif and say that CIS blocks any unknown infection in its sandbox.

But knowing the sites that endanger security is even better.

Because this site decided to have access to my clipboard without asking my opinion…

In my clipboard, there was important and confidential information and a username and password that I had just copied and pasted from the password manager to another software.

For you, has Comodo CIS blocked this unauthorized access to your personal data if you give it a try?

(after emptying your clipboard of course)

I told friends in the IT world that I was worried about the Comodo CIS sequel.

They just admitted to me that by constantly promoting Comodo CIS, I thought I looked like a trendy Geek, whereas I looked more like a nerdy person who was offering security software that wasn’t no longer up to date for too long…

It hurts… my pride took a hit!

(But I remain confident in the possibility of catching up) (They are working on it, that’s why we don’t hear about them anymore…)

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Our protection never stopped protecting.



Recent results 100% as usual and will be Product of the Year again I think for the 3rd time.

There’s also the Comodo Transparency page:

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