Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.2.7062 Beta 2 is now available for download

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.2.7062 Beta 2 is now available for download and testing.

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post. :wink:

Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:
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Comodo Internet Security 2020:

Size: 5.44 MB (5,712,776 bytes)
md5: 734870F6A937C4442E8E21F3C445E5A1
SHA1: 5c5c89506a36e5563b41a058d5f7477bcad0a82e

Comodo Firewall Installer:

Size: 5.44 MB (5,712,776 bytes)
md5: 996021C66860B49433A44DA582091407
SHA1: 4ddbcc0d12db905988fb35fcdd757a212ee32347

Comodo Antivirus Installer

Size: 5.44 MB (5,712,776 bytes)
md5: A6B0AEC811672102E9B515901495C30A
SHA1: 201a851fc8fc10adbd6dac1593b6c3f02e3b574f

Comodo Internet Security Offline:

Size: 72.6 MB (76,179,792 bytes)
md5: 829a99f7de66f8aa4da52300fa879876
SHA1: dad8ea26fdbec351da69077449b24eed6c33e69f

New Features
− Cis going to use reduced(light) database in default. Option added to updates section who wants to change database to regular one.

− Cloud backup
− File submission problems

− Ipv4 loopback filtering remove problem
− No welcome screen at startup
− File list export still saves when canceled
− Issue in switching configurations
− Display wrong scan priority
− Desktop shortcut doesn’t change after product upgraded to AV Advanced
− Translation of “Show Files” added
− Scan exclusions’ translation added
− Malwares detected by manual scan removed instead of quarantined
− Web filtering doesn’t accept valid string (e.g. “”)
− Tray icon status problem
− A file will be trusted which blocked by Viruscope and unblocked by user.
− Product name is not updated in programs & features after activating new license key.
− GUI window rendering bug
− False unrecognized files after running “Autorun Analyzer” from KillSwitch
− Wrong activation of warranty log
− Option “Go to folder” not available for Firewall and Hips rules
− Unrecognized non-executables file is not displayed in File List when it is opened by widget
− Network zones ip copy&paste issue
− Microsoft Silverlight alert in Run Virtual Desktop
− “Ignore once” action in web filtering will be logged.

Best Regards,
Product Management.

Many thanks :-TU

Web filtering doesn't accept valid string (e.g. "**")
Other valid strings are still prevented from being used.
False unrecognized files after running "Autorun Analyzer" from KillSwitch
Nope still doesn't work, both autorun analyzer and killswitch do not perform file rating lookup of files.
Network zones ip copy&paste issue
Cool but the issue still occurs with firewall application rules, global rules, and with the ruleset sections.

Diagnostic still incorrectly fails with errors, excessive firewall logging of blocked events still occurs, and firewall still blocks safe applications at startup if they attempt network access prior to CIS UI being loaded. Https filtering does not work on chrome and on firefox and IE a blank page is shown instead of the Comodo block page.

Houston we have lift off! Many thanks for this release. Everybody has been looking very much forward to it. :beer:

Diagnostics doesn’t work.

Installs ok for me on Windows 10 x64 19042.541. Not tested the new features or seen any regressions yet.

I should give this a try. :smiley:

Is this not expected behaviour? Since a user generated safe file list will not be stored within the drivers I’m wondering how CIS would be able to securely process files before the core CIS processes load.

Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 19041.508 CIS

The icon at startup also disappears if animation is not enabled in the settings.
Diagnostics doesn’t work

All this does not help. With a cold start, there is still no icon until you turn on, for example, the quiet mode and back. And restarting explorer generally needs to restart the CIS interface. The bug with the icon was partially fixed.

Updating recognizer fails every time.

The tray icon reappears when she wants to. Icon problem not resolved.

CIS Beta 2
Win 10 x 64 Pro-2004 (20221.1000)
No problems

I only noticed a logon slowdown and explorer crash caused by secboot restrictions (EarlyLaunchAntiMalware->OnlyGood #GPO) i had, that i’ve now changed and it’s okay!
Nothing more than some slowdowns on rare situations, seems like you guys have made great job this release.

Comodo = leet!

Unconfirmed. Are you using the regular download server or the beta server?

I guess regular, since I didn’t change anything host file.

Updates have not been received for a day.
Default Light signature DB.

I got a error from downloading in firefox version 83.a1 (Nightly Edition). Works fine in Edge Browser. Windows 10 LTSC 1809

Here’s 2 pictures that’ll help explain. Maybe the answers obvious :-\ and I overlooked something

[s]another issue, Since I was going to install the BETA version, I uninstalled Comodo Firewall but clicked on going to reinstall icon for uninstalling. Then I tried installing CIS Beta (Web Installer) I get this screen. So I run CIS Uninstaller to get rid of the leftovers. Made me do a restart. After reboot I still get the same screen (same pic I uploaded)

So now I’m going to try the Offline version now[/s]
Ooops, forgot to add these to the windows host files :slight_smile: