Comodo Internet Security 2019 Beta (v12.0.0.6808) is now available for download.

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that Comodo Internet Security 2019 Beta (v12.0.0.6808) is now available for download and beta testing feedback.

NOTE: Beta versions should not be run on production machines.

Online Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 5.4M ( 5625856 )
MD5: 03f9d04a5faaf8570c283428036f7cc3
SHA1: cb4806259c20d3670dad243c65526082b4365564

Comodo Firewall

Size: 5.4M ( 5625856 )
MD5: ff852710744f95460fa51328ee832ce9
SHA1: 1b02c794b502c2db0e9565ec550af67705adb324

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Size: 5.4M ( 5625864 )
MD5: cd4db5636796fecfaaebf1d5e807bdbf
SHA1: cd0bbf492aa55cfe0aaea992a1a9c2c84f3f11e7

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)

Size: 72M ( 75222376 )
MD5: fa75453adced56b829d648c33225dcc5
SHA1: 36bd1fc0a90f31105b45869904ffd4c77cab315d


  • Defect where extra activity “Memory Access” is registered in the HIPS logs on every app or library loading + OS freezes
  • Defect where MPC unexpectedly terminated when VirusScope is enabled
  • Defect where containment logs were generated for rule with disabled ‘Log action’ checkbox
  • Defect where WMIADAP.exe path being displayed in file list with \?\C: JSON property “path”
  • Defect where is displayed in HIPS alert after run a file with a & character in file name
  • Defect where shared files cannot be purged from File Rating
  • Defect where counter of outbound connections was not always decreased on connections closing
  • Defect where TrustConnect alert is displayed after connect to secure WLAN
  • Defect where new scan on detection of removable media adds extra \ in path when scanning

Known issues:

  • Copy/paste into contained application is disabled in this version but will be ready for RC.

Please check fresh installs and updates from previous releases.

Please give your valuable feedback! :-TU


Windows taskbar issue after running virtual desktop still occurs. Also when running the program updater after updating to this build to get the recognizercryptolocker, recognizer v is downloaded and installed. This was when I updated from previous beta to this using the program updater, which after reboot recognizer was installed, but the was replaced when I checked for updates again after rebooting.

Thank you for the new version.

Everything is running smoothly so far with this very short test run on Win 10 x64 1803 with the latest update installed.
Even though I had my system up and running for a week without issues with the previous version as stated here, I ended up facing the system freezes eventually myself as well, so I was very much looking forward to a bugfix release.

I can also see the issue with the recognizer version as stated in the previous comment.

In addition to this, I have given another test run for sandboxing applications that may consume large amount of memory (such as browsers in certain scenarios), and the result is still the same: the application is crashing when it reaches around 1200MB of memory usage threshold.
There are no restrictions applied with regards to the allowed amount of memory consumption for the sandboxed application, so my assumption from earlier was that sandboxing works with 32 bit resource allocation restrictions.
I believe this should follow the default system behaviour of allowing normal resource consumption (as the program would without sandboxing), unless limited by the user of course.

Would you please be so kind and take this up with the Developers whether it is to be expected to have changes in regard by the time the first official version is released?

Your assistance is highly appreciated.

Keep up the good work!


Also when running the program updater after updating to this build to get the recognizercryptolocker, recognizer v is downloaded and installed. This was when I updated from previous beta to this using the program updater, which after reboot recognizer was installed, but the was replaced when I checked for updates again after rebooting.

I used the program updater to update to 6808.

Clean install on a Win7x64 system - much faster to start up

The HIPS Memory Access is now fixed, as is the Connection Counter
Confirm that the Recognizer issue reverting back to 6708 is present . . . . and the problem with being unable to remove any Vendors is still present

Despite all the fixes, it did not take too long to end up with a system-wide hangs again unfortunately.

Be advised.

Comodo is interested in the hanging phenomenon. THey may contact you and will ask to create a full memory dump when the system hangs again. The following article describes how to let the computer crash on purpose so it will produce a memory dump file: Enable Crash on Ctrl+Scroll Lock in Windows 10 .

When the computer hangs again push the right control button and hold it and push the Scroll Lock button twice. The system will then create a BSOD an dump file.

Since version 12, it is not possible to remove the vendors built into Trusted Vendors, which is very unfriendly for some environments that require strict control.For example, install some Chinese software.

I can,t install last beta because have error installer. Error 1603. Please help.


I had an error when I had an update notification from the previous installation - the update failed at the end, but the version was still changed.
Based on your comment I cannot tell if you are facing the same or something similar.

Just to be sure, I ended up removing the current CIS installation with the CIS Cleanup Tool v2.0.0.3, rerunning it after each restart until it did not request any further restarts, and used the latest offline installer afterwards without any issues.

You might want to do the same.

I now have the recogniser with build number v12.0.0.6808. See attached image. Comodo must have updated the beta server.

The beta server does not deliver the AV database so you need use the regular server alongside or instead.

- Defect where extra activity "Memory Access" is registered in the HIPS logs on every app or library loading + OS freezes
At staff. What is meant with OS freezes? Are those the freezes reported where the system starts to gradually freeze? Is it related to the registered Memory Access in the HIPS logs? What was the cause of those freezes?

I started getting alerts by HIPS for System is trying to create a new file or directory, but if I click on Show Activities, it says Cannot find process by this PID.
The event log actually shows what has happened.
Please see the attachments.

It would be really helpful if the action-to-be-approved would be actually reviewable without giving to much access to breaking any kind of functionality.

I am using Proactive Security configuration, and for HIPS I have selected Create rules for safe applications as I always do, but I do not recall seeing any of such alerts with earlier versions, including the previous Beta.

First the alert does show you what action is about to be preformed but you need to click the down arrow to expand the alert to see the full alert details. Secondly you shouldn’t use create rules for safe applications, as it will cause issues such as what you have seen because the default rules will be erased when you reboot or shutdown the system while new rules are being added. Also it does not provide any benefit to create rules for safe applications as safe mode will allow the actions anyways.

I assume you mean the arrow in the red bar…
Sorry, it did not occur to me that it is clickable, I thought it is part of the design.
I was sure the “Show Related Activity” would get me what I was expecting, or “Modify File” could do the same if it were like “System” as per the screenshot.
Sorry for the confusion in that case then, I will be paying more attention in the future.

As for the rule for safe applications, I assumed it is selectable because it would make a difference.

Thank you for the clarifications.

OS freezes with previous beta build was caused by excessive HIPS activities, some of them also caused Memory Access messages.
For now the fix is confirmed for all cases except one reported by LoRenZoR

Thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

I have experienced 4 system-wide freezes within the first ~12 hours altogether, which happened after a clean installation (and no Secure Shopping involved at all).
I have set up the configuration for manually triggering a BSOD in which case I can provide the dump to the Developers directly, but so far nothing has happened, even though I am performing the same exact activities like before.

I have noticed a couple of HIPS alerts (as per my screenshots from earlier), which I have not seen earlier, I wonder if they have anything to do with the issue, i.e. without approving them the issue would persist.

Another thing that crossed my mind was that initially we had seen downgrade for the recognizer version initially for this release.
Do you think there could be any correlation?
This was on the very first they when I was facing the issues.

Apologies if they are not relevant at all, just trying to be helpful.

Either way, I will leave a message here as soon as I have any solid information.


Thank you all for your efforts and feedback, it is very much appreciated.
Seems that all showstoppers are fixed, so we are announcing CIS 2019 RC