Comodo in Virtual Box - pls post your experience

I remember last time I tried Comodo in VirtualBox, it was not working OK in VBox. I posted here and on VBox forums to resolve the issues, but of no avail.

I tried last RC version of comodo on windows 7 in Vbox with latest ubuntu 11.10 beta 2 as host and got a pleasant surprise, it seems to work OK. I am not sure if it,s really true or I am making a mistake.

Just curious to know if there are any VBox users who are using Comodo in VBox. What is their observation.


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Egemen says NOT to use Comodo w/ Vbox, so I don’t.

Seems to work fine for me.

I’ve found no significant differences between running CIS under Virtualbox or VMWare.

I have not had any issues with CIS 5.8 on VirtualBox 4.1.0,2,4.

Tried to use it in many ways, still no problems for me.

No problems with CIS in VirtualBox on Windows 7 x32 and x64 guests. Host is Windows 7 x64.
No feature has ever failed, neither D+, FW nor AV.

I really like VirtualBox over VMware and VirtualPC. It’s much faster, has a very quick snaptshot capability and more malware runs inside it → best VM for testing security programs.

Thanks for replies. Seems that it,s ok to use it with VBox.

I also prefer VBox over Vmware because it,s much lighter as compared to VMware.

VMware player is vey slow on my laptop( Centrino 1.73, 1.5G Ram) while VBox runs fine.

Please note - just because CIS 5.8 does not crash under VBox, that does not mean that it is performing as intended - it just means it is not crashing.

The problem with VBox was how it implemented interrupts and interrupt hooking. I’ve seen no advice that this has changed in the latestVBox builds and until it does change, I’d assume the defect is still there.

Could you explain this in technical terms ? Virtualbox is my production environment and I would like to know what this defect really is and how a bug report could be constructed for the Virtualbox developers.

Or at least provide a specific example that displays an issue with Comodo functioning inside Virtualbox.

They are the details passed to me by Egemen. I’ll see if I can more, but I got the impression that the way Vbox do it is not a bug, it’s just the way it is - resulting in an incompability with CIS. Not all incompatibilities are resolvable, unfortuantely.

Ewen :slight_smile:

In this post, Egemen states:

WARNING: CIS does not work properly in VirtualBox because of the limitations imposed by this virtual machine(Vectored Exceptions fail). So please test it with another VM software.

That was a year ago and we still haven’t seen any evidence of CIS failing in VBox. :wink:

And we haven’t seen any word (other than anecdotal evidence) that CIS runs as expected in VirtualBox. :wink:

Not true. We have evidence that CIS behaves in very most (so every?) conditions as expected.

That’s what I mean by anecdotal evidence… A user saying it runs fine doesn’t cut it…

Just because CIS seems to run fine, doesn’t mean it’s able to do everything it needs to do. I’d prefer word from Egemen on whether or not the issues have been fixed in VirtualBox before I would count on it to protect my system.

But by all means, feel free to run it yourself.

What issues should Virtualbox be fixing ?

“Word from” is not good enough for Virtualbox users who have reasons to use this particular product instead of another virtual machines. So, the question is: is Comodo good enough for Virtualbox users, or should they be using another security product ?

CIS runs in Virtual Box but it doesn’t means it is functioning with 100% capability.

I’ve tested with AntiTest.exe(from
CIS 5.8 fails those screenshot tests in Virtual Box.
However, CIS 5.8 passes those tests in my real machine.

Nevertheless, I’m still using CIS in my Virtual Box OS as I still think it perform most of the case. We just don’t known exactly when it fail apart from the case quoted above.

I’ve been running CIS (from 5.5 through 5.8 betas to the current release) in VirtualBox for a bit over 3 months now, testing done 6 days out of 7 with a minimum of 30 confirmed malware samples (less than 18 hours old) without any fault.

Actually the only issue that we’ve had with CIS came on the non-VM production computer!