Comodo in Virtual Box - pls post your experience

The problem with Vectored Exceptions failing…

Since the limitation is on VirtualBoxes end, I think your question needs a rewording.

Then you didn’t test properly or your testing environment is flawed (no CPU hardware virtualization?).
Here it passes EVERY leaktest in a VirtualBox Windows 7 x32 and x64 VM.

Edit: One more thing: I wouldn’t use Windows XP as a guest system in VBox since it may be unstable.
I can only speak for Windows 7 x64 host and Windows 7 x32 and x64 guests.

I think:

  1. Egemen is concerned that Vbox is not used to test CIS, as false bugs/vulnerabilities may be reported. If you want to use it for other purposes, do so at your own risk.
  2. Subject to confirmation from Egemen my understanding is that because Vbox and CIS use similar hooking methods, they may conflict. If the conflict is for example such as to cause race conditions the conflict may be different from computer to computer and from time to time.
  3. Enhanced mode in 5.8 may resolve these conflicts as a different hooking method is used. Maybe Egemen could comment on this.

That sounds logical. One thing to add: Other VMs aren’t perfect either. Results of VMware or VirtualMachine may differ from real systems too.

VirtualBox has reveived many updates since egemen posted that. Maybe the problem is simply fixed?

I don’t see any different results compared to real system, whether Enhanced mode is used or not.
But I agree, some word of egemen would be very helpful. :wink:

Considering your point against anecdotal evidence above, could you point to a valid source describing what you just said ? “Vectored Exceptions” is too broad a term to make sense just by mentioning it.

Even if that was true (which has not been proved so) the question for Vbox users who precede their choice for Vbox over that of their HIPS/Firewall still remains: is Comodo good enough for them or should they be using another security product ?

I posted a link to Egemen’s comments regarding this earlier in the thread. As the lead developer of CIS, if Egemen isn’t a valid source, I don’t know who is…

Well obviously if CIS isn’t able to fully protect their system due to inadequacies of the virtual machine, a user should look for another product. But I fail to see how limitations imposed by a virtual machine have any bearing on whether or not CIS is good enough. 88)

I stand corrected. THerefore 5.8 may have no bearing.

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All you never wanted to know:

Egemen is the lead developer of CIS but he is not a developer of VirtualBox. A one line comment, without a single piece of proof (a single example would do) is not sufficient to construct evidence against VirtualBox especially considering the fact that VirtualBox’s “vector exceptions” deficiency is a problem that doesn’t identify with anyone else on the Internet, but this specific Egemen line:

Googling +“Vectored Exceptions” +virtualbox yields 214 results all echoing Egemen’s comment
Googling +“Vectored Exceptions” +virtualbox -Comodo yields 2 results (from the ReactOS changelog)

Apparently nobody else is having an issue with “Vectored Exceptions” on virtualbox.

If you choose to believe that Egemen doesn’t know what he’s talking about, there’s nothing I can say that will change that.

My request for documented proof should not be mistaken for lack of great respect to the man.

The reason I am a bit overwhelming here is that I was using Comodo in Virtualbox for years and then while preparing a bug report I saw a warning against using Virtualbox. That was against my own empirical evidence since I know that it doesn’t crash in my own usage (with a lot of very different applications and heavy networking mind you) and I know that it wasn’t less secure in any of my tests.

However that specific line from Egemen causes fear and uncertainty on my part and I would really like to have this cleared by reading good documentation instead of blind trust.

I’m not sure its crashing that Egemen is concerned about. It’s more unpredictable results maybe.

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I too would agree with this and look forward to a more clear/detailed information.

No feedback?
Oh, great…

I have an issue with CIS in VirtualBox that’s described at I’m not sure if VirtualBox is involved because I haven’t tested the issue on a real computer.