Comodo IceDragon ver. is now available for download!

Where did you hear this?

Please dont spread misinformation

Relax, buddy!
It was a joke…I was just comparing the time it takes to release it…

Are they called FOXODO & FIREMODO :wink:


It’s a shocking security exposure, if the Reg gets hold of this they could make mincemeat of Comodo’s credibility. I really think it’s arrogant thinking along the lines of, “well, if the browser is leaky then no worries, CIS will stop everything in its tracks”. That simply is not the case when it comes to many exploits, they cannot often be detected by AV and even CIS default deny.

I want to use IC and CIS but their product development in recent times has really gone adrift, it’s a pity. I’ve now reverted to FF and secured it with Webroot application protection. The lightness of Webroot is amazing. C’mon Melih, you guys need some new thinking, you were innovative once upon a time but are now slacking a bit :wink:

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free version now can protect Comodo IceDagon :-TU
Maybe the users of the poor IceDragon should use MBAE Free for getting protection against exploits.

Amen! Of course I’ve been saying this about their browsers for literally years!

Yes they are!

how did you know?

No they are not.

I think you liked the name :wink:

If they will be named so, you will have to give a lot of money to me, I have worked very ■■■■■■■ those names months & have the copyrights :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Comodo Ice Dragon Ver. 37 Beta is released in the beta corner. Official release will be in next few days.


date of release? will it be 38 or 37?
Why IceDragon has no portable option?

Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_38 is now available for download

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