Comodo IceDragon ver. 14.0 is now available for download!!


We are happy to announce that an update for Comodo IceDragon is available for download!

What’s new:

  • IceDragon is based on Firefox 14.0.1;
  • ‘Enable Comodo Secure DNS in IceDragon only’ feature;
  • Integrated CertSentry;
  • ‘Close Tab’ button enlarged;
  • Changed ‘Inactive’ tabs background color for better visibility;

What’s fixed:

  • compatibility with firefox themes;
  • issue with internal updater when UAC is on;
  • some GUI issues;


  • Importing data from Comodo Dragon is not possible yet.
  • Importing data during the installation of Comodo IceDragon may not work in some cases.
  • Minor GUI issues.


Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 26.2 MB (27,517,328 bytes)
MD5: 90d4c7996589617fa45a29c11eea09ee
SHA1: f54109567458c1c2cbd5befd22017a1ffcd0f41a

Please bid a version in Portuguese Brazil?

thanks for the update,installed it and works fine !!

Good Job Team Ice Dragon !

Would be nice to see icedragon in the comodo website as well alongside dragon.

Hope you are working on it . !ot!

Excellent news. Downloading and using now!

good job guys!

congrats on the release!

Thanks. Please make SiteInspector and Social Plugin removable like in CD.

When will the German Translation comes for it

Is there any info on what CertSentry exactly is and what it does ?

I understand it probably means Certificate Sentry, so have some idea of what it is, so any info would be cool :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if CertSentry can protect against scammers :-\

About CertSentry: :slight_smile:

I will only try CID if there is an option to import all bookmarks from Dragon…Is that something that is being worked on?

Thanks JoWa for the link to the information , is a good read and lots of information to take in too :slight_smile:

I’m currently using OpenDNS, should I disable the Comodo Secure DNS option in IceDragon ? Just wondering if they will conflict at some level :-\

Is Comodo Secure DNS a DNS look up or just for malware/phishing protection ? If its for protection I could leave it enabled, but I just really like the filtering OpenDNS does :slight_smile:

It’s a DNS lookup, and the service blocks known malicious addresses.

i was using Comodo Dragon and was pretty happy .

icedragon also looks cool as u already fixed some of bug in V14 but save and quit option is still not working
i tried to configure in about:config but useless .

please fix it .


Thank you HeffeD for letting me know, think I will stick with OpenDNS for now, but it is great Comodo gives the user this option :slight_smile:

From preparers ask that something fun for them to leave out the factory-supported languages ​​and the language xpi you can not install them?? ??? ???
Congratulations on a very “reasonable” solution, of course … so many good then people will use this program … Instead, I stay on for Firefox … This is useless in this form … Again …
Thanks again for this great work: >:( >:(

Hi D Bone,
In Dragons Bookmark Manager (Organize), export your bookmarks to a HTML file.

In IceDragon Show All Bookmarks (Import and Backup), import your bookmarks from that HTML file.

Thank you… :-TU

Still can’t use themes. :-TD Will stick with CD until this is resolved. ;D

I was able to use one theme. I would like to see the option to use all FF themes…not just one or two. Thank you!