Comodo IceDragon v65.0.2.15 is now available for download

Hello everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo IceDragon v65.0.2.15.

  • Updated to Firefox v65 codebase
  • Fixed issue with plug-ins not being loaded.
  • Fixed issue with WhatsUp Web cannot be opened.


Comodo IceDragon 65 64 bit

MD5: 2B6A684C11D772903454BF9AE3DCDA97
SHA-1: 46B9E78E4323E89309C10CD4A68FAB006DAA1EDC
SHA-256: 5984F60082429293766BCF4E36914007AB39C1C1B8FF2BC94E1A8213537EB7C0

md5: 75487C141F9B094DA3056368F64DCB77
sha1: EF0E43E3ECDA41200DC13D47561B912FB2E1BE47
sha256: D38E021F18BD97AA1AEC6FC73B386ED8C488CCD55B44513F3C68054153318415

Comodo IceDragon 65 32 bit

MD5: 3B79A083916D483F16AE7E85BA03FCB5
SHA-1: 7DB33B9B9A5338AC201B6D27BFF69A07E3CF382C
SHA-256: 28B81DB102C64551547C417A009C1CCB70AB2A9157F9C29C04FFB1801AA65C68

md5: 2B6A684C11D772903454BF9AE3DCDA97
sha1: 46B9E78E4323E89309C10CD4A68FAB006DAA1EDC
sha256: 5984F60082429293766BCF4E36914007AB39C1C1B8FF2BC94E1A8213537EB7C0

The update will be pushed out to existing users with then next few hours.

Please share your feedback from using the browser.


The Comodo Browsers Team

I updated the checksums. Eric

how about this vulnerability?


it still says its version 64 , not version 65 on that link was posted eric once it is downloaded

Are there other people from Australia or Asia who are getting v64 served?

I downloaded it from the Netherlands and got v65. It looks like there may be a problem with the CDN.

eric i went to shanes post for the BETA version, 65 is beta he said, so i downloaded it and just installed it, so im trying this one, this honestly has been a nightmare with this 64 vers, ive lost so much stuff bookmarked for a long time, and most of it was computer related for benchmarking, old modifications, volt mods, tweaks, what is the easiest and fool proof way of taking saved bookmarks into CID from say chrome or any other browser ???, coz i cant find one
the other links that say theyre vers 65 arent from what i found when i downloaded them, theyre 64 vers, in the download folder when the DL is finished i put the mouse pointer on the highlighted DL and it says, not 65 vers

I wonder, has the security bug been fixed?

ive got this beta 65 version installed and running now and seems all to be going nicely so far, and its quick, like the old CID “used to be”, but time will tell !!! 88)

The lost bookmarks may be stored in an old profile.

Follow this tutorial to navigate to the current profile folder in Explorer: Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data | Firefox Help . When there see if there is a second profile folder. If it is there you can copy the bookmarks and other files to the current profile folder. Beware that you will loose new bookmarks if you made new bookmarks in the current profile.

To keep those bookmarks export them as and .html file and import them again later. You can do this in Bookmarks Library. To get there go to Library → Bookmarks → Show all bookmarks. In the Bookmarks Libary there is an import/export button. You can also make back ups from there.

Off topic. I have Firefox and IceDragon synched using Firefox synch.

Comodo IceDragon 65 32 bit

md5: 2B6A684C11D772903454BF9AE3DCDA97
sha1: 46B9E78E4323E89309C10CD4A68FAB006DAA1EDC
sha256: 5984F60082429293766BCF4E36914007AB39C1C1B8FF2BC94E1A8213537EB7C0

I downloaded - this is the 65th version.
Comodo IceDragon 65 32 bit
But the Checksums amount is completely different.

I get the same checksums for the 32 bits version:
MD5: 3B79A083916D483F16AE7E85BA03FCB5
SHA-1: 7DB33B9B9A5338AC201B6D27BFF69A07E3CF382C

I have the following checksums for the 64 bits version:
CRC32: 0D614DC2
MD5: 2B6A684C11D772903454BF9AE3DCDA97
SHA-1: 46B9E78E4323E89309C10CD4A68FAB006DAA1EDC

I checked the digital signatures of both the installer and they are intact. It is my conclusion that the hashes provided in the topic start are not correct. I will adapt the topic start and will strike the faulty checksums.

Thanks a lot.

eric thats a great find , much appreciated, i thought i was going crazy here and doing something wrong and thx for your persistence with me in this, i knew i wasnt going mad (i think) lol
i think CID writers should come up with a better more safer way ( to explain things in general ) and for the bookmarks thing where its easy and written in more simple terms to ask and tell you how to do it, and to be able to save them easily, to do what you explained about the bookmarks is a bit above my ability so ill have to get my benchmarking friend to read what you explained and have a look, the terminolgy they use confuses me as i dont know what it means

anyway this beta 65 version is going great guns so far without a hitch at all, i will keep you informed as of its progression

thx ozz :slight_smile:

I hope your friend can restore your old bookmarks for you.

thankyou eric, so do i, they were a complimation of much information of overclocking, benchmarking, reviews, volt mods, tweaks, dos and donts, over a long period of time, where if there was a competition on referring to that board or gpu i could go look it up to try gain an advantage for the comp from the mods that had been done by many others over the years, some of the stuf was from DFI from alex whu, the DFI magician, who designed DFI boards the best overclocking boards of that era by far , like the socket 939 ultra D, Venus, dfi 790 fxb, many others as well, to find that again is near impossible unless i happen to come across someone that already has it and is willing to share, as dfi is no longer in the public sector, its all server related now products and information, all the public stuff servers has been turned off or disregarded from dfi altogether and thats directly from dfi hq in asia
as it is now you just cant copy and paste a series or all of the bookmarks saved and move them, this if able to do would be so easy to be able to move them to a safe place like my 750 gig other hard drive i use for storage and other things for backup

It is possible to copy all your bookmarks. You can do it as described from Bookmarks Library under “Import and Backup” button.

ok eric thx mate, ill show my friend pete all this and let him rumage thru it and see what he can do
thx for your help and persistence withthis, its been a bit of a journey :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope your friend Pete will be able to retrieve your bookmarks.

yes so do i eric, thx again man for all your help and tolerating my , lets say anger with everything, ive been a CID user for about 6 yrs or more so now and never confronted anything like this before
i think it would be a great idea if comodo would have a rep come on here to the forum and explain and tell its users what the hell is happening for continued support, if they decide not to i fear their support is going to be lost and such a shame it would be as its such a good browser, maybe eric you can push some buttons there ?/
youre friend shane :slight_smile:

well i cant complain from this 65 beta version so far , it seems to be running beautifully, no hicupps anywhere so far, im hoping CID will build forward from this, everything seems to be back to normal, its fast too, sure i have net connection issues like we all do but when its on its on and fast, you cant even see the page change
what i would like with it is the download arrow when you download something to be able to be moved to the browser bar, seems you have to download something to get it to appear, then if you want the see a download you have to go to options , that should be included to make things easier again, 1 click and youre there, unless im missing something, probly am
and eric, petes in hospital right now, he had a liver transplant yrs ago and has an infection but seems hes ok, hopefully will be out in 2-3 days then when feeling well enough will look at the book mark thing for me :slight_smile:
hope youre well friend