Comodo Ice Dragon Ver 37 Beta is now available

Hi All,

As promised, here is a link to our new browser, Ice Dragon Ver. 37 Beta. A beta version of Ice Dragon can be downloaded from:

This version isn’t intended for mass distribution, just a preview for you.
Comodo Ice Dragon Ver. 37 Beta is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems. Ice Dragon Beta version is based on Mozilla Firefox 37.0.

Official release of Comodo Ice Dragon Browser will follow within the next few days.

We are also more than happy to inform you that we have built our product line for much faster product releases for Ice Dragon Browser. We will be always providing up to date Comodo Ice Dragon Browser releases in future.


Alp Eren,

Thanks for the release. :-TU

good job guys!

Works great, thanks dev’s!

Hello! Does this mean that after the release of v37, soon worth waiting for v38? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

Search engine doesn’t stick.

I installed Startpage and ixquick. Ixquick keeps getting deleted. I set startpage as default but it keeps changing back to that bloody yahoo >:( after a restart, despite having UN-checked yahoo.

There should be an option during install to switch to the ‘old’ layout.

There is a bookmarks icon missing, the one w/o the star next to it, should be interchangeable. How many more options do we need to bookmark a site?

Hi bioxx,
The following extension allows restoring of the classic theme including the bookmarks star.

How are you adding Ixquick and Startpage?
I have installed them both from the following links with no issues.


I use startpage as my homepage, it works without any problem. - You can also go to settings and check “dont filter my search” and generate a URL. It will then look like this: Startpage - Private Search Engine. No Tracking. No Search History.

Why 37 & not 38 beta?

Any search engines set to default are deleted & Yahoo back to default.

Hi yessnooo,
I wonder why I am not reproducing the search engine issue, mine are sticking when set.

Kind regards.

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I set the engine to default. I browse & search results are displayed by Yahoo.
I check the settings & Yahoo is back to default & engine set to default is not there i.e deleted.

Did you re-start the browser?


Will installing the beta version replace my current version, or does it install separately?

Thank you for all the replies above. I’ll try to answer them now.

The addon to restore the old layout worked, of course.

The search engine would reset itself to bloodybleeping yahoo, until I removed yahoo from the list. That worked, now its Ixquick but startpage still doesn’t stick.

fungus303, using startpage as homepage or simply having a bookmark wasn’t really the point. Besides, it wouldn’t work with context search. Context search – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

One more thing. I absolutely don’t appreciate CID throwing a service at me (COMODO IceDragon Update Service) that puts itself on auto on startup and launches icedragon_updater.exe.

Yes and even shut down the system and rebooted and it is still set correctly.

Hi dderrekk,
It will replace the current version on the system. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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Hi bioxx,
This can be set to disabled if you are happy to manually check for updates via the about page.

Kind regards.

Yes, of course I changed that :wink: The old CID complained about the service not running when I checked for updates, lets see what this version does.

It seems to be quite generally a fad at the moment with software developers that updaters have to run in the background even if the programme isn’t open.

I know, i read wrong. Sorry for that.

But i tried to change searh engine to duckduckgo and made it deafult, and my Icedragon dont change back to yahoo.