Comodo Ice Dragon V42 is now available for download

Hi all,

Comodo Ice Dragon version 42 is now available to download. This release will also update existing Ice Dragon users

What’s New?

  • Firefox code base 42 has been merged
  • Several bug fixes have been done

In addition to these, we have been working on a system that will allow us to keep the pace with Firefox releases. This means, we will be able to make our releases at the same day or the day after a new Firefox version is released.

We are also happy to announce that, our browser team has expanded. We will have a new and big team working on Comodo Ice Dragon from now on. As a team, we are looking forward your feedback!


Comodo Ice Dragon Team

Thanks for the release!
Sorry Serkan but Comodo promises every time with no action. :-X
I am used to hear that promises from others.

The new update today KILLS my CID portable. The update failed popup and then most of comodo files in the folder have disappeared. Clicking on update in the browser (if using portable) will kill it. Do not click update!

WTF comodo? This happens every time you bring out an update. If I have to re-install from fresh, the amount of time it takes to re-add all my extensions and plugins is over an hour of work and hassle.

Are you testing the browser update button in the PORTABLE version comodo?

Is anyone else having this problem with a portable CID?

Look what you do comodo when you click on the update button in the browser from version 40 portable
YOU KILL IT. This pop up comes up and most of the files in the directory disappear.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the release!
Is this new version multilenguage?

Hi yigido,

As of this release we are successfully on the same release version as Firefox. We are already working on IceDragon 43 and our intentions are to have this released as soon as we can.

I’d like to introduce Serkan to you, he is heading up the new team and is responsible for delivery of IceDragon to you. Watch this space :slight_smile:

Hi Chillimon,

I’ve reported this to the development team and I’ll follow up with them and find out the situation.

Not yet, it’s on our roadmap though. Like CIS we’ll run a community driven support for non-English languages.

Firefox 43 is in its latest beta, so IceDragon has not much time for releasing v43. :wink:
I am happy that Serkan is leading the IceDragon team, congrats my citizen :-TU

Thanks for the update. I updated my portable CID with one click of the update button and all is working well. No complaints. It’s nice to see the expanded staffing. Question: A feature of Comodo browsers has been that they offer the option to use Comodo DNS. When will that feature be added back to CID? Also, any idea when a 64-bit version will come? I noticed that Firefox has it available via FTP as of version 42. Thanks,

The latest release of Comodo IceDragon (v42.0.0.25) is working quite well for me.

Even on my other computer which is old and doesn’t have SSE2 support, I noticed a much improved playback of YouTube videos using the HTML5 player compared to IceDragon and earlier versions. Playback of YouTube videos using the Flash player is flawless on both computers.

No problems to report. Great job on this release!


Thanks. I even tried the update on a clean version (without any extensions) of version 40 portable that I had created when it came out and that still had the same failed install and then deleted files issue. I’ve had this problem with the portable versions. I made several backups of the portable version 40, (I use it on a cloud) and all failed. I thought it might be my extensions I have added causing the problem, but they are just standard extensions, nothing that should cause anything, but I even tested it without that.

In the end I installed a clean new version of CID 42 portable and went about and re-added my extensions which are:
No Script
Adblock plus
Adblock popup blocker
Adblock Element hider
Turn off the lights
Undo Closed Tabs
Quickfox Notes
Xmarks Sync
Last Pass

This all works fine now, it just takes time and I lose all my custom hidden elements from the element blocker which is annoying, but my concern is that the next upgrade will have the same issues. I think your team might need to do more testing with the portable versions with upgrading.

I have been using CD and Chromodo for quite awhile and just decided to add IceDragon as well. Are there supposed to be any of the Comodo add ons in Icedragon? I don’t see web inspector, drag and drop, or any others. Is this the case now with Icedragon 42?