Comodo graphics...

You can’t lolll , no, here , I just quickly re-made them, if not, let me know what to change :wink:

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Here was m0ng0d’s but I don’t think he saw it yet…

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That’s sure some cool [i]shift/i you’re making there, Paul. (:KWL)

Sometimes I wish I had ur skill. But then that’d just give me one more thing I had to remember to do… Too much already, LOL.


LM, is this your way of asking for a sig? :smiley:


BTW, thanks! Wish I was good enough to find work doing this but I think I have a loooonnnggg way to go in that area, lol. Who knows, one day. :wink:

I do try to be subtle… ;D J/K. I like the avatar I made, but I’ve never been excited about my attempts into the banners. Just not my cup o’ coffee, I guess.

If you feel so inclined, I’d certainly be grateful. Fer sure, fer sure. Maybe not quite so large, tho… I’ve got glasses; I can see. (:NRD)


You are a strange one Mr. Grinch… :wink: not a problem, any ideas? Also, how big do you want the sig? m0ng0ds is a tad scaled down from the others, as is mine. Any particular ideas in mind?


EDIT: The sigs don’t look that big when i’m making them but on here they seem to. I can always resize them if anyone feels they stand out too much.

BTW, LM, I am around here and logged in but doing other things in between and only stop every so often to check things out if I get a minute so in between chasing kids, I will catch your reply.

Well, I liked sphereclear, bigsphere, and the one in the display case (I forget what you called it)…,3650.msg44195.html#msg44195

I’m also a “Lost” fan; especially of graphics like the attached…

As to size, well not so large even as yours; not much more height than my current one (which is 600 x 133), but more length like the others… A good mention for Comodo and the awesome free products, but doesn’t have to plug any specific product (ie, CFP, etc).


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Ok, let’s go over the list while I have a moment…

“As to size, well not so large even as yours.”

My sig is only 127 high so actually yours is taller and will look larger once lengthened. Yes, optical illusions are a tricky matter. I will post a sample.

"A good mention for Comodo and the awesome free products, but doesn’t have to plug any specific product "

So you would like something saying Comodo free products but not one specifically? Also, you want a LOST theme with this?

"Well, I liked sphereclear, bigsphere, and the one in the display case "

Ok, so are you saying you want something like this or LOST or Comodo or all 3 or two or …are you simply mad? :smiley:

Well given you have utterly driven me to the brink of pulling out my hair figuring this one out, I will do what I can and if you no like, I no care. lolll. No, I will see what I can do and if you don’t like it, I save my xcf’s so I could change it.


Hey , I wonder if the rolling eyes icon works yet… 88) It looks like two 8’s so it’s different, it must work, time to post…

Ok, got my rolling eyes smiley back, thanks Nick! (:CLP)

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Hi Paul,

you inspired me of making my very first Avatar. It took me a while to understand gimp but I think that my first result is promising :smiley:


ps. did you manage to add a pegasus on the signature?

Very nice, had I known I wouldn’t have taken the time to make a couple more but that’s the breaks and the reason we have del keys…no I didn’t add pegasus yet, wasn’t sure if you wanted me to but it can be done by tomorrow.


Hi LM,

I have absolutely NO idea how you want this and this is just a template if you will , maybe get some ideas from it and add your own etc…


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Are you nuts? >:( ;D
Do not delete them. :cry:
We have an avatar donation topic. :smiley:

And here are the two versions of my very first creation

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It won’t be long and you’ll be making sigs :wink:

Here is the pegasus version…

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(:LOV) I love it (:LOV)

Thanks again Paul. Now I am a really happy mod! (:KWL)

Man, that looks awesome; I knew you could do it! And regarding your earlier questions, yes, I am absolutely “simply mad.” ;D Or maybe just misunderstood… No, probably crazy; it’s the way I was brought up. LOL

I have a question, because I don’t know if it can be done or not (coz I’m not you, else I’d know…) ~ the “DHARMA” in the middle of the graphic I gave; can that be changed to “COMODO” with that same sort of rustic look? And no “Lost” is needed; those who know, know… That would top it off, super-sweet.

TNX for your hard work,


PS: Pandlouk, those look good! Well done!


You have gotten very good at graphics, they look amazing! Keep up the awesome work :smiley: